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Not everyone is accustomed to wearing Yellow in winter, so knowing how to style a yellow dress needs a great bit of fashion knowledge. Ones mood  can be affected by winter because winter is a time of cold and harsh winds . My mood has been affected by winter. To be fair, my mood has also been affected by other factors too… Thoughts of the future have taken their toll on me to the point where I started to cry but stopped the tears from falling. Then I read a quote saying… ‘’Don’t forget you’re human. It’s okay to have a meltdown, just don’t unpack and live there. Cry it out and then refocus on where you are headed’’.  Then I cried some more and felt much better. And that’s how the story of the yellow dress begins.

“The color yellow exudes brightness, light, vitality, energy, optimism, willingness to grow, outshine and happiness. Sunflowers are the objects that mostly are associated with the color yellow.” And that’s why I decided to wear this dress. It made one day in winter a whole lot better and less gloomy.

Wearing Yellow in winter can be a frustrating dilemma. But this Yellow dress form YDE was easy to style. This lush, lovely long-sleeved yellow dress is the exact shade of sunshine and a bit of mustard. It is also a timely reminder that spring, then summer, will be here soon. The dress fits any shape or size, this one is in medium.  It’s a simple gorgeous, intricate high neckline dress.  This yellow dress with long sleeves is paired with black winter thick tights, black scarf, and black shoes from Call it spring. The Yellow dress is so flattering, and will stand out in a winter’s worth of boring black party dresses.

You might say that yellow is a horrible color to wear in winter, but let me remind you that Autumn leaves comes in different shades of yellow, red, yellow, orange, pink, magenta and browns. That fact alone makes it a perfect color to wear once in a while during winter. It blends in. Depending on where you are at and the climate.

This look is one of my favorite looks this winter because seeing these images gives me hope. As I said earlier, yellow is associated with happiness. And, while the days are short and colder, yellow is a timely reminder that spring, then summer, will be here soon. I’m looking forward to that!!! I’m looking forward to less gloomy weather, a clearer sky and a relief from a troubled mind. So whatever you might be going through. Hold one, spring is coming. And before you know it, summer will be here

Meanwhile, enjoy the images of one of my favorite looks ever shot at the Union Buildings in  Pretoria South Africa.  Images shot by Lindah Fancy Face.  FYI… I’ve never been a fan of bright colors regardless of the season but now I can say; I’m obsessed.



Mustard/ Yellow Dress: YDE

Shoes: Call It Spring


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