The YDE Red dress street seduction

Its been a while since i wore a YDE red dress. I buy a bunch of clothes from YDE but not so many red dresses. I like the classic neutral styles and colours like nude, mauve and black but, when i want to really be seen, i wear red. Red is the perfect colour to wear when you want to make a lasting first impression on a first date etc. and this Red dress from YDE is the perfect dress to achieve an all eyes on me vibe.

I have many clothes in my wardrobe that i still have not worn yet. I don’t know if you also do this, but i purchase clothes with the intention of wearing them in the future so that when or if the event presents itself, i wont have to go out and start shopping. I already have the dress or outfit in the closet.

YDE Red Dress durability

Believe it or not, this Red YDE dress was purchased in the December of 2018. I purchased it together with THIS BLACK DRESS so that i would have options on what to wear on my birthday. I bought both dresses from YDE. This outfit has the classic RED dress YDE style. It is classic, simple, very durable, colour doesn’t washout, and of course, it fits my feminine sexy curves. I love dresses that compliment the fuller female form.

Its too bad that my black dress got stolen either at the laundry or at the washing line cause YDE dresses are irreplaceable. Once it is lost, it is gone forever. The limited collections in YDE are both a curse and a blessing. Once the outfits are sold out, they do not manufacture more, and, new stock is brought in every season so its rare to bump into someone with the same YDE Outfit or dress as yours, ANYWHERE. I love their exclusivity, but i also hate it cause now, the black dress is gone for ever.

The Joburg photo-shoot pandemonium

All ladies that take photos regularly in the streets will understand what i’m talking about in the following few lines. Because street photography demands the streets, people in the streets will stare. Lol! We all know people are nosy. But there is a level of nosy that is simply dangerous.

We were busy taking our YDE Red dress pictures for you guys and a guy in a motorbike passes, riding from around the corner. Lol it was so hilarious as he almost caused a car accident cause he was looking back at us while driving forward, after he had passed us.

This YDE red dress really caused a commotion. Sometimes we would get people asking to be in our images, as if we will be publishing the images in Pretoria News or something. Lol , but lets be honest, so, we take a picture with you, Then what? we send it to you? hahaha. The smiling i did while saying no to people asking to be in my pictures is insane. But you get good at saying no with a smile after you’ve been a model for the rest of your life.

Looks and Appearances

This one time, a couple of years ago, a guy saw me and my friend taking images in Pretoria and approached us asking to take a picture with me using his phone. I asked him if he knew me and he said no. But he was sure that i was a celebrity, from what i was wearing to the fact that we were doing a ‘professional shoot’. Appearances are everything in this business. And sometimes we fake it till we make it, unaware. LOL

Thank you so much for the read and enjoy the images TAKEN JUST for you. Check out the dresses from designer Milla. Also, this dress is sold out but you can get similar ones HERE , here and Superbalist

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