YDE Pink Midi Dress

YDE Pink Midi Dress

I wore this YDE Pink Midi dress to a friends Husbands Gala dinner about three weeks ago. I went shopping for this YDE Pink midi dress 2 days before the event and I got there when load shedding had just been implemented in that area for the day. So, I spent about two hours in my car wasting petrol because I was also using the aircon. Once the lights came back, I quickly ran to the YDE store, but they said I’d have to wait another 15 minutes because their systems have to come back online. This was a day to remember.

 I had a hard time choosing a dress at YDE because I wanted something short but classy. The short and flair dresses at YDE looked good on me but they were too short. My butt seemed not to be the right buttocks for YDE short dresses. Which was hilarious to me. I also tried on some sparkly dresses, but I ended up not choosing those dresses. What I did end up having thou was glitter all over my body and could only take it off by showering. So, as you guys already know, after hours of frustrating fashion hauls, I found the dream dress and went home.

Feeling cute in the YDE Pink Midi Dress

There is always a time for everything. I love wearing short dresses, but I wear whatever I want, whenever I want. Wearing a Pink Midi dress to a gala dinner was the perfect choice for the occasion. My makeup was looking gorgeous, and I had decided to wear lashes that always look good on camera. Lashes add that spice and ginger to any look.

On my way to the gala dinner, my friend had asked me to go pick up a pair of shoes for her at YDE. Since Mall of Africa was close to the Gala dinner location it was easy for me to make the stop. When I got in the mall, I was running towards the YDE store in my cute YDE pink midi dress, but I was wearing white slippers. The slippers just made the stop so much easier.

Pinking up shoes at the Mall

Picture this, I’m a bit late, I’ve parked underground, now I must walk in hills to a shop on the 2nd floor? No way… While hurriedly walking to find the YDE store, people kept looking at me. This one 6-year-old girl looked at me then tugged her mms arm and pointed at me smiling. The mom waved at me and mouthed that I looked beautiful. I slowly smiled and mouth, thank you, right back. And waved.

U see, the pink colour of the dress is very fun and attractive. That is what makes this dress so pretty. The dress its sell if very simple but the detail around the shoulders makes it look like a pink dress with cotton roses. The other thing I love about this YDE Pink Midi dress is the fabric. The dress fits like a glove because of the built-in stretch material. But the stretch is not too much, allowing the dress to fit on your body seamlessly. I love dresses that fit so perfectly on my body because the dress then feels like it was made for me specifically.

Fun Perks on the Pink Midi Dress

This YDE Pink Midi dress can be worn on the shoulder, but it can also be worn ‘under the shoulder’, as a Boob Tube dress. That fun spec alone makes this dress so much more interesting. Wearing it the way I’ve worn the dress I these pictures gives the dress so much more class. Changing whether the arms go over or under the dress can give this outfit a whole different look.

The Fashion Shoot

Kagiso Motlhamme took these images, and it was a bit of a cloudy day, but he made the dress look so good. Was wearing body shapers from Woolworths clothes. The Shoes are from John Lewis Dune Chelsea Occasion Slingback Court Shoes. Purchase the dress HERE.


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