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If you are like me and constantly need some or another form of motivation to get through the day whether its work, school or play then you have come to the right place. Below is my top 7 workspace wish list to keep my desktop popping. What helps me create, what I think in my opinion are beautiful pictures, is looking at modern magazines then trying to emulate or rather add or subtract from their final picture to create my own. But sometimes the inspiration is just right there before my eyes in the simple things. The inspiration may come from the garment worn by the model if its photography, the weather, the mood, the sunlight and the people around etc.

I spend a lot of time on my desk top in my work space. I spend so much time on it that I change or add or subtract a couple of things on it to make it more relevant, more eye catching but mostly more inspiring to keep me motivated to work.

So below I’ve picked 7 work space accessories from the SUPERBALIST WEBSITE that I think will be great inspiration to keep me going and, hopefully you as well.

  1. Lets get comfortable with Desks & Tables.  Ok, so first on my workspace wish list is the Black and Gold side table. But, who doesn’t want a side table thou? Well, I don’t know… I definitely want a side table for the purpose of putting things on the side table that might distract me from the work on the main table. The Gold and Black side table brings a decadent touch to any living area. It is Suited to jewel-tone fabrics and rich textures, it’s ideal for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere at home. I have to have it


2. Let’s block out all our haters ( a.k.a the noise) with the ANTI SKULL CANDY headset. The main feature for this head set is that it is robust in performance; these headsets are equipped with powerful audio drivers that reproduce superior sound quality. They feature padded ear cups and a flexible headband for comfort as well as a noise-cancelling, for all the unwanted noise, function that reduces ambient sounds. This is a great piece to have on your table for superior productivity

3. Let’s stay Hydrated: It’s now summer and we will probably be drinking lots and lots more of sugary drinks, which isn’t such a bad idea provided we keep on drinking water and stay hydrated. My favourite function of this bottle is that it’s insulated so you can keep your green tea hot for up to 12 hours and your smoothie cold for up 24 hours. I need this.


4.Let’s store the cool water in a cool place. What better spot to store the cold drink, in the insulated bottle than in a beautiful, stylish, modern piece of furniture. This contemporary design features a low-profile, two shelves of s torage and a perforated, icy white swing door. This pedestal is ideal for propping up a bedside lamp and holding necessities. Love this piece of furniture because it’s cute and compact but perfect and whimsical. Must have.

5. Let’s draw up our plans and remind ourselves of our greatness. Should I say more? Working, grinding and making moves??? Yasssss… All those awesome plans you have, you’re going to write them down in this notebook, alongside your to-do lists and other random thoughts, and then store them somewhere safe so that no-one can make money off your genius. But I should have stopped typing after the first line because this note book speaks for itself. Let’s draw up our plans and remind ourselves of our greatness.

6. Lets Highlight our lives in Colour with Gifting & Stationery . I bet you thought these were sweets at first sight. Lol Yeah me too.. but I quickly learned. These are highlighters. The genius that invented these .. wow!!!  Perfect for highlighting your notes in the big ideas notebook and also perfect for adding colour and texture to your work space. I need this in my workspace life right now.

7.And finally… Let’s take off and fly away! The work space can be a pretty daunting place and with that said, once in a while we need to go away and get away. What better inspiration of getting away than these luggage tags.  Lol ok… Maybe I went a bit offline with tags being the ‘ultimate inspiration’ for a vacation but… I’m sure you know what I mean. Planning a vacation for business or leisure has now become easier with one less thing to worry about; these already packaged luggage tags.

Remember that you can download the SUPERBALIST APP using the following links for android and apple users below:

Plus, you get a R250 gift voucher if you are a first time buyer.

Happy Shopping

The Beliciousmuse Team

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