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Work It Movie: another cliche teenage dance flick

I just finished watching Work It Movie on Netflix a film starring Sabrina Carpenter and Liza Koshy. I do not know why I keep torturing myself with romantic comedies and teenage dance movies because I am honestly only into Fantasy and Science fiction. Nonetheless, I downloaded it last week but had not had the time to watch it because i had a very busy schedule. I started watching the Work it Netflix movie last night but i was exhausted and slept half way through. Only finished watching it this morning.

The cliche

Work it Movie is another cliche teenage dance movie with mediocre dancing. When I think about Dance movies i think of movies like Magic Mike, Black Swan, You got served, the STEP UP franchise and even Beyonce’s Homecoming. What I saw in Work It was a bunch of teenagers ‘trying’ or learning how to dance. I will go even further and say that the Netflix Movie ‘FEEL THE BEAT’, had better dancers and an even better storyline.

Work It Movie plot

The work it Movie plot was all over the place. I felt some of the character developments were weak and unnecessary! But were the directors and producers of the show trying to show us that teenagers are easily swayed and make haphazard decisions only to face the consequences of their decisions later? Why did the dance teacher see the main character, find her cute, then just act rude towards her. LOL you would expect him to be sweeter towards her but he wasn’t! Why? This Work it Netflix Movie elicited no emotions out of me.

Work it Netflix movie elicits no emotions!

Apart from when they were playing sad music, the characters themselves weren’t showing emotions to make me feel their sadness, at all. The human aspect was there but not really! All i saw was people working towards a goal of being seen by scouts so they can join dance academy’s or something like that. Work it Netflix movie is a movie about how you can use dance as a stepping stone to life, from the main character’s perspective!

Liza Koshy

The most interesting character in this movie was Liza Koshy! So interesting that i went to Youtube and started watching some of her old videos. Liza Koshy is so funny and dramatic and REAL! She knows how to draw in an audience and this movie was a perfect fit for her. It is too bad we did not get to see more of her and her onscreen love interest. They were funny! but i enjoyed watching her more than watching the entire Work It movie! Watch her videos on Youtube HERE!

Netflix Work it movie final words

I was not expecting much from this movie but maybe because i am not the tartget market. To be fair, i have been alive for many many years and have seen dance movie way better and with more drama and romance and feelings than Work It movie. Soe of us have had the privilege of witnessing master pieces on the big and small screen and have been torn to shreds and our hearts strings pulled but a dance movie.

Teenage movies tend to be mediocre, but not all of them. Some teenage rom-coms have really touched our hearts and have lived in our hearts to never forget them. But Work It Netflix is a forgettable, blant and lackluster movie that will be forgotten soon as the hype has died down. Watch the Trailer here.


Bored as hell


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