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Woolies Sir John Master class Joburg, South Africa

A master class is a class given to students of a discipline by an expert of that discipline—usually music, but also painting, drama, any of the arts, or on any other occasion where skills are being developed. In this case the class was on Beauty and it wasn’t in just any venue. The Woolies sir John Master class was held at Hyde Park Corner, Johannesburg.

Sir John

Beyoncé’s makeup artist has earned the title MASTER, as he has done Beyoncé’s makeup for over seven years. Sir John has created amazing Flawless looks for Beyoncé and has collaborated with Beyoncé for red carpet appearances, tours, countless times. Sir John has also worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest names from Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Karlie Kloss to Joan Smalls and Serena Williams and every time, the looks are completely flawless.

Sir John Master class included him applying makeup on one of South Africa’s biggest musician, Zonke. He applied her makeup so well, the only way you could tell that she had makeup on was on the eye shadows and highlighters. Woolies Sir John Master class was an exciting event. But Zonke wasn’t the only one whose face was being done live and on camera, Amanda Dupont as well.

Luxury Brands and Celebrities

The Woolies Sir John Master class was filled with some of South Africa’s most luxurious brands. Smash box, Eatee Lauder, The Fox box Sa, Tom ford, Lancôme UK, House of BNG and Of course my family Balmain. Balmain (Glamit) invited me to this event and I had the time of my life.   When I first got there, I spotted my friend Maps Maponyane and of course had to take a picture of him for you guys. In-between taking images of everything and taking it all in, I met one of my idols Michelle Mosalakae. Meeting Michelle was amazing. Loved what she was wearing, the prints, the cut, the design. Everything about Michelle Mosalakae is breathtaking. One of the highlights to going to the Sir John Master class was meeting Michelle and other beauty gurus, my supporters and makeup, perfume and hair lovers.

Balmain Hair Couture

Ok, I remember telling you guys that I will be at the Balmain Dry Bar and I was, shout out to everyone I saw at the activation. I managed to get my hair polished at the Balmain dry bar at the Beauty Master class and got to try a lot a few Balmain hair products that I had never experienced before. Balmain is such an amazing luxury hair brand because your hair will look and feel brand new after a Balmain treatment. I wanted to add more volume to my hair so we used the Balmain Styling powder. This powder, Instant Brigitte Bardot dust, is hair powder that provides texture and volume at the root for long-lasting hairstyles with a flexible hold. The light weight formula texturizes each hair stand to create maximum volume at the roots. 

Who is a master Class for

 I would urge any one that loves makeup, beauty, hair, grooming etc. to enroll into a master class, whether for just one glamorous day, like the woolies sir john master class or for a full online one. A master class is like a master’s degree, you know all the basics and you are probably good at what you do but being a master at it, is the epitome of whatever you are learning. A class given by an expert to highly talented students.

Check out images from the woolies Beauty master class below. Oh… and we got some amazing gift packs. I received two, one from Balmain and the other from Sir John. The Balmain gift bag included Balmain silk perfume and mirror of which I will show you ladies in the next post and the Sir John gift bag had so many things; Woolies eye shadow pallets, perfume samples, Estee lauder face serum, more Balmain, woolies wet wipes, woolies hand lotions, Estee lauder lip pencil, food receipe magazines, MCC wines and soooo much more. I had a ton of fun. Thanks to Balmain for the experience

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