wonderboom hiking trail

Wonderboom Hiking trail

I do not know what I was thinking when I suggested to go hiking on an Empty stomach. I think it was maybe the booze of the previous evening or the sudden and uncontrollable urge to prove a point. To prove the point that it is possible for me to conquer any Pretoria Hiking trail thrown at me. That I could hike the Wonderboom hiking trail and be a boss at it. And so our journey began

My friend Lebo Molefe and I once did this same Wonderboom Hiking trail a couple of months back and we found it refreshing but a good workout. While hiking, we also managed to catch up on each other’s lives and give each other advice on life, family, finances, fitness etc. Going hiking is a sure way to relieve stress as well as to re-center and re-connected with oneself.

Lebo and I, before the 5km Wonderboom hike, had joined another friend of ours previously, who took us to a 10km hike at Magaliesburg. On this 10 km hike, we got to climb up a really huge mountain. It was so scary, we vowed never to go there again. And, our companion was really fit, so we kept trying to keep up with him. It was torture. So, after we had finished at least 6km, he wanted us to go the whole 10 and at that time, we just refused. We were too tired, too exhausted and too dirty to go anywhere farther, unless it was back to camp.

But, once the fatigue wore off, after a couple of days back home, we decided to look for Pretoria hiking trails close to home. So we found he Wonderboom Hiking trail that was a bit hard, but short and when we finally went there, we took our time hiking and as I said earlier, we spent most of our time talking while walking and hiking slowly.

The Wonderboom Hiking trail

The Wonderboom hiking trail is not flat at all. Contrary to the Walter Sisulu hiking trail, which is really a walk in the park, literally. It is a walk in the garden. The Wonderboom hiking trail is a constant uphill climb. So, bring your strong athletic sneakers with a good sole or grip. You do not want to slip, tumble or fall because of bad shoes.

The wonderboom hiking trail has an objective. The objective is to reach the top of the mountain and experience the fort that was built there many, many years ago. The fort is a nice incentive because it is so serene and the air up there is fresh and clean. You can see, almost the whole of Pretoria when you are up there. It is beautiful.

You can also bring a small picnic basket and have a young lunch once you have reached the top. One more thing. To reach the Fort, there are many roads that lead to it. The trails that lead to the top of the mountain are approximately three. There is the easy trail that goes straight up and, harder trail that takes you around the entire mountain before you see flat ground. That was the trail we took, it was long, hard and frustrating.

My hiking experience

So, this past weekend I went hiking with a friend and we decided to hike early. While on the trail I chose a different route to the one Lebo and I took the other time. Boy, was that a mistake!!! I took the longer trail. We ended up taking longer than expected to reach the Fort aka the top of the mountain. Half way there I was OVER IT!!!  The trail just kept going on and on an at some point, I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to see the fort. I kept asking myself, why did i choose this route.

I was so over this Pretoria Hiking trail that when we finally got to the top, I wasn’t even interested in taking pictures anymore. Lol as you can see with exhibit A. I was gone!! And all I wanted to do, in that moment, was to go home. I did lighten up a little when we got to the top pf the mountain, but I guess, I did that because I knew that now we could get back down lol

Beautiful scenery

While at the top, I got to experience the beauty of Tshwane, Pretoria.  And all the aches and pains I had started to feel, all of a sudden vanished. I was sitting on top of the world. I was very proud of myself.

The person I went with, is such a pro in hiking it was annoying. While I’m busy breathing heavily on this Wonderboom hiking trail and sweating like a pig, he was just chilled, breathing as if it was a walk in the park. But, other than that, I had a really great time hiking in the city. When I first heard that Wonderboom has a hiking trail, I was shocked because hiking trails are usually found in the outskirts. So, if you live in Tshwane and if you ever feel lazy to drive far away for a good hiking experience, try the Wonderboom Hiking trail. It’s less than R40 per adult and there is a picnic an braai area.

And, Contact the Wonderboom Nature Reserve:
Tel: 012 543 0918
Gate Times: 07:00 to 18:00 daily
(not allowed to enter after 16:00)

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