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I honestly had nothing to say, all I wanted to do was show you. I wanted to show you this dress from Nokwakha Fashion Creators paired with these epic Gladiator heels from Call it spring. That’s all.

Side Bar: Having nothing to say happens in most relationships at different stages. Silence doesn’t mean you don’t love each other, simply means you just don’t have anything to say. But for those that can’t handle the silence, what you can do is tell him or her that you have nothing to say, maybe he or she might ask why, then you will perhaps have something to say 🙂

This dress gives me Goosebumps. The calming nature of its colour and its sassiness excites me. I remember reading Marie Claire Magazine last year when Beyoncé graced the cover. The tantalizing headline read, I know the power of my body, meaning, I know what my body can do for me so I make sure I use it appropriately and to the max. I was like, wow, how does one get away with so much ego? But it wasn’t ego; it was the self-actualization of knowing and understanding who Beyoncé is inside and out.

A powerful body isn’t necessarily naked, dressed, skinny, thick, tall or short, big or fat. A powerful body is in the mind of the one that owns the body.

Perhaps you’ve been told you are not pretty, sexy or smart. Maybe those compliments don’t come often and you feeling down and out, shy and withdrawn. People can try to break you but thy will only succeed if you let them.

Ever wondered why an average but confident woman walking in a room full of people gets all the attention? While you walked thru the same doors with the same kind of people but nobody cared, nobody looked at you. It’s maybe because you don’t think you are beautiful enough for people to care and maybe you don’t know the power of who you are and the power of your body. One thing is for sure, confidence is more attractive than beauty.

That woman walking in the room and all eyes on her knows without a doubt that she is gorgeous, even if you and I might not agree. She knows she has a sexy body, even if it’s not to the social expectations of an awesome body and she absolutely knows how to use it. Because she knows and accepts the power that she has, she dresses it appropriately, accentuates the curves and hides the ‘flaws’. She feeds it right, takes care of it and enjoys it on all levels.

She doesn’t need to open her mouth and announce that she’s arrived. Her body peaks for her, she knows she has sex appeal, she knows she is smart, intelligent and cool and if you have that kind of physical and mental power you can say a lot without ever having to open your mouth.

The head up high, the stride, the no care in the world what you think attitude, the demeanor and the smile. All of these are the tools to getting what you want using the wonderful God given gifts of softness, lightness, humps , sexiness and sass to get ahead in life. Acknowledge and use them.

Chat soon.


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