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Miniso South Africa is AFFORDABLE and LUXURIOUS

BEST AFFORDABLE, LUXURIOUS ACCESSORIES STORE IS Miniso South Africa  Article sponsored by: //

Human beings naturally love cheap/ affordable things. The love for affordable things isn’t limited to just ordinary working class people, even the richest people want to for, example rent out a great beach house full of class and beauty for half the original price because money can’t just to a beach house, money has to be spent elsewhere on other things.  The sale at Gucci for example is still a sale even if one can’t afford the sale price items, those that can afford to buy Retailing Gucci will and can get very excited when Gucci decides sell their durable and high end products for a cheaper price.  That being said, it’s hard to go to almost any store and expect quality on a SALE. Most sale items are perhaps those that consumers didn’t want or like or items that got sent back a couple of times by different consumers. A good quality sale is usually end of season sale as the items in the stores now have to match the outside weather. When it comes to Affordable, luxurious accessories, there is a new store in Menlyn Mall that sells such. This store that provides South Africans with affordable, luxurious accessories form japan is called MINISO!!!

The South African market has for a while been flooded with low quality goods from Asia and most South Africans refer to these low quality goods, sold at places like Marabastad in Pretoria and Small Street In Johannesburg and other parts of the country as FONG KONG, meaning fake.  And they might as well be FONG KONG, but, MINISO is not such a store. Miniso offers quality, might not be the kind of quality that a Gucci bag is made from but it’s still quality. Miniso is inspired by a philosophy of fast fashion coupled with simplicity, MINISO updates its product offering every seven days with smarter, simpler and cozier products to encourage the personalized intelligent purchase trend, meaning. You won’t find the same thing at Miniso every time you purchase there. Once something is available this week, it might not be available the following week.  The affordable range focuses on making high quality products that are accessible.

People can and will find affordable, luxurious accessories and other lifestyle items in the store. I’m wearing all accessories from Miniso Menlyn; the bucket hat and the dad cap/hat are all from Miniso. The cute light blue sling bag is also from MINISO but the figure hugging nude dress is from ERRE Fashion; Fashion designers based in Pretoria South Africa.

There can be lots of think pieces written on MINISO and what a great store it is and how every person going to shop at Menlyn Mall should make sure they pass by there and grab something big or something small or colourful, but all those think pieces, blogs etc. are just pieces of writing based on someone elses thoughts, opinions, preferences etc. What would be the best solution for anyone looking online to get motivation to either go visit MINISO Menlyn or not, is to actually go visit MINISO Menlyn, then make an informed decision.



Pictures taken by : Linda Modika

Shoes: Foschini 

Dress: Erre Fashion

Bag, Sunnies, Caps: Miniso 

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