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The White floral dress at Zoo Lake

White floral dress and white floral dress maxi cut

For the longest time, as a little girl, I dreamt of the perfect picnic setting. The dream was always beautiful, full of light and sunshine and I was always wearing a white floral dress and I was not alone. I had my man with me. The dress that I would always be wearing, no matter how many times I dreamt, was a white floral dress maxi cut with petals and soft pastel butterflies printed on it. Let me take you through a day in my day dream.

We are walking towards the lake, passing a bunch of green trees providing us shade. He reaches for my hand and we continue walking hand in hand. It’s a little hot, very hot, but we are ok because we wearing sunscreen as well as some nice shades. We pass a couple of couples seated on blankets close to the walk way in the park. Some stare at us as he playfully plants a couple of kisses on my cheek. I playfully act as if I don’t like being kissed in public as I pull myself away from him, while clutching my while floral dress. But I really like it when he does that because deep down I’m just happy he likes showing me off to the world.

We continue to walk towards the lake and splash some water on each other from the water bottles he carried from the car. We reach the lake and sit down on benches build along the green willow trees, along the stream. He puts his arm around my shoulder and gives me another kiss on my left cheek as we stare in silence at the soft waves and the ducks waddling in the water.

Best International Fashion designers of white floral dresses

Oscar Del La Renta is a renowned fashion designer and he has created some of the most gorgeous red carpet looks to date. His clever use of florals on dresses is immaculate and he knows a woman’s body and what looks good on it. I respect any designer who understands femininity and Oscar does femininity with elegance and Class.

Some of Oscar Del La RENTA’S Most iconic pieces include the white floral dress reimagined. If you look HERE and HERE you will notice that Oscar does not just slap on a couple of flowers on a white maxi dress and call it White floral dress maxi cut. He meticulously places florals on dresses in a way that accentuates the body as well as the dress. The body and the dress then complement each other and give the visual of the perfect white floral dress with a twist.

Another International fashion designer whom I really admire when it comes to floral dress designs is, RODARTE. Rodarte 2020 has some of the most beautiful floral print dress you have ever seen. The 2020 Campaign is absolutely breathtaking with fun accessories and bold makeup to go with the overly feminine silhouettes and designs.   There are so many white floral dresses to choose from with this collection but a white floral dress that stands out is the long sleeve, geometric shape dress with a tight bodies and loose, flair and semi square bottom half. Just look at it. There is another version of that dress and it is the white floral dress maxi cut. You will fall in love.

Local Floral Print dress locations

On the local scene. In South Africa, there are a couple of fashion designers that excel when it comes to creating Floral pieces for women. These two designers are Quieteria and George  and Ruff Tung, to name a few.

In searching for the best and the most exquisite white floral dress or simply just floral dress that would be so pretty to wear in this summer season, I found 4 websites that are in South Africa and those that quickly ship to South Africa as well.

Cold Shoulder Floral dress

If you are looking for a cold shoulder but maxi summer floral dress with huge floral prints, look no further. Superbalist has this one dress that is currently still in stock that you might love.  It is R800, has a white background that is decorated with huge pink petal flowers. It is stunning. Check it out HERE.

Orange an White maxi dress

If you are looking for a light orange flowered, white floral dress. Then check this dress out. This Floral Sleeveless A-line Maxi Party Dresses is perfect for summer cocktail parties, especially those parties by the beach, if you feel like dressing up and being classy and not just wearing a hot girl summer bikini. This dress is for you. The floral print dress maxi cut can be purchased at VERY VOGA. The Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time can take up to 7-9 Days but it is totally worth it.

Tropical print floral dresses

If you are looking for a more tropical look and feel when it comes to floral dresses. Zando has a good one with a really good deal.  This STRAPPY STYLE MAXI DRESS WITH WRAP BODICE & V’BACK is only R439 and can be delivered to you within 3 business days. Now that’s a bargain. It’s the perfect affordable white floral print maxi cut dress to strut your stuff in style, knowing your look complements you.

My love for dresses

I love dresses.  Shame, I really do. Dresses make up at least 60 percent of my wardrobe. I don’t wear dresses often though because of the nature of my work. I’m in a hurry every day of my life. So, imagine not being able to get things done because of the 1. Tight dress that requires me to only take small steps in heels or the more flair dress that still forces me to behave a little bit more elegant than when I’m wearing pants, jeans, jeggings or shorts. LOL You got to love being a woman. We can wear anything, however and whenever. We are not limited to just pants as most men are. And Kudos to those guys breaking social and fashion norms by wearing skirts, or dresses. You guys are the real ones.

Wow, this piece took me about 3 days to write as I had so much work to do. And, I don’t like giving our readers half-ass work. So, thank you for the read and please share, if you care. And I hope you care because sharing is caring.


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