where to eat in Pretoria Fumo Restaurant Groenkloof (3)


FUMO Restaurant: I’ve watched my body transform these past few weeks. I made the decision to make better decisions for my body since last year and so, for at least two weeks into December, I worked hard at trying to keep fit, and putting more nutrient dense food in my body.

As a person looking for better health, salads are not my thing. And in most restaurants, nutritious options are usually just that, salads. This was not the first time I went to Fumo Restaurant, it could have been my third, can’t remember. But the first time I went to Fumo Restaurant in Groenkloof Pretoria, I ordered a beautiful chicken meal. It was to die for. Very palatable. 

What I love about this Restaurant is their 1st class service and their impeccably tasty dishes. Fumo Restaurant converts a simple chicken leg into a delectable drum stick. I don’t know what it is, but I’m assuming it’s their seasoning or the godly hands of the chef.

I ordered spinach and rice. But I can assure you that when I took my first bite, the looks were deceiving. It didn’t taste how it looks, and I’m only saying that because spinach never looks nice in pictures. When I posted my dish on my WhatsApp story, my friend Lesego said that my food looked dry. Well, it’s only a picture, I told her, you should join me next time and try it out for yourself.  The rice had a savory, juicy flavour with a sprinkle of some tasty green herbs.

But, I wasn’t the only one eating. Linda, my friend and almost 90 percent of the time photographer of beliciousmuse.com, had the chicken and chips. It looked like the normal chicken and chips but it wasn’t… It was chicken and chips 2.0. I took a small bite, which lead to a huge party in my mouth. Lol I should have ordered the chicken.

We couldn’t order desserts because we were pressed for time and rush hour traffic in Pretoria is ridiculous. We substituted fizzy drinks for juices aka something strawberry and I drank water.  If you are looking for a posh view of the city restaurant in Pretoria, try FUMO. They will treat you like a Queen / King and leave your taste buds cheerful

Fumo Restaurant Groenkloof
Fumo Restaurant Groenkloof
 Fumo Restaurant Groenkloof (3)
where to eat in Pretoria Fumo Restaurant Groenkloof (3)
Linda Modika at Fumo Restaurant
 Fumo Restaurant Groenkloof (3)
Fumo Restaurant Groenkloof


B and Linda

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