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What to use to curl long hair that will actually not burn it

For the longest time, I’ve been wearing my natural, unprocessed afro. It looked really good until I got tired of styling it every morning. When I decided to install the weave, I new that it would come with it’s own issues like different hair products for long weaves and interesting ways to maintain it. If you’ve ever wondered what to use to curl long hair or what are the best hair curl brands, Babyliss is always a good brand to try out.

I graduated from using the Babyliss easy curl curler to the Babyliss Nano curling iron.
BaByliss Nano Curling Iron comes with a 2 year guarantee from Clicks Stores. It has excellent glide and heat-transfer qualities and helps ensure the protection, softness and shine of your hair. The reason why I switched from the Babyliss easy Curl curler to the Nano hair curling Iron was that the easy curl is a hair curl electronic that takes too much effort to handle. One needs to hold or use the machine with both hands. One cant multitask on the easy curler, if a task is tedious, and Curling long hair is a tedious task. So distractions of the phone, social media, video calls etc are welcomed with an open heart, which cant be done with the easy curl curler.

I’ve had my weave for over 3 years now. It’s become a wig a couple of times but currently, it’s a weave. The only reason I started leaning towards weaves again than wigs was because I didn’t like the taking it on and off part when I was with my boyfriend. And although he loves me to bits and doesn’t care, taking off the wig before bed and putting it on again in the morning is just simply annoying. But then again, I’ve never had issues with my natural hair until last year when I decided to cut it, because the relaxed hair just wasn’t a thing no more.

I resorted to wigs because I was insecure and didn’t trust myself to ” look good” with my natural hair but I was determined. So we are here now, rocking weaves and finding out what to use to curl long hair.

Before I continue on what to use to curl long hair I want to touch on how to smooth out a wig or weave that’s old. The night before I curled the hair, I put some Biosilk Silk Therapy on my tresses and went to bed wearing a satin “shower cap”. The satin night cap that looks like a shower cap kept my hair soft the whole night. In the morning my weave was ready for some heat.

The Babyliss Nano Hair curling iron is easy to use. You just put the hair in between the hot plates, curl it and let it chill on the hair for maybe 30 seconds. While you hold the handle of the curling iron, the other hand can check what’s happening on Instagram.

Babyliss Nano hair curling iron is the best of the two, in my opinion. The only down fall of the Babyliss Nano hair curling iron is that the heat can only go up to 180, not 200, not higher. But it gets the job done. My curls look fresh, shiny from the Biosilk, which assists the hair to look brand new.

Purchase Hair Curler at Clicks and Purchase Biosilk Silk Therapy at

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  1. Amby says:

    Hie this looks like it does magic on our weaves.
    Do you Hve one which goes up to 400degrees

    1. at Clicks? no dear

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