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What The Fanta

What The Fanta

My youngest sister lives in the United Kingdom, and when I told her I was on my way to What The Fanta InstaNation Rosebank, where Fanta will be launching a new flavour, she wasn’t that surprised. She said that Fanta has so many different flavours in the UK that launching a unique flavour in South Africa, Africa seems like the most straightforward thing to do. I was slightly surprised that Fanta has so many flavours because I can’t remember the last time I drank Fanta.  

My drink of choice is Coke Zero, with no caffeine. I love it because why do I need all that sugar in my body? Also, I usually do not sleep for 24 hours after my first sip if I drink caffeine. But because I love the taste of coke, I am so grateful to the Coke gods that there are different flavours for everyone, and everyone is catered to. I also cannot remember the last time I drank or saw a Fanta flavour that wasn’t Pineapple or Fanta Orange. Where have I been living, under a rock? And I’m sure there are many Fanta Flavours in cool drink isles in Supermarkets, but my eyes are selective; I only see what I want to see and keep it moving. So, imagine my surprise when I got to Insta Nation Rosebank and saw a plethora of Fanta flavours.

What the Fanta New flavour

The New Fanta Flavour is still going to be revealed. But when I taste the Blue Fanta, I can’t put my finger on it. I do not know what It tastes like. All it tastes like to me is delicious and fun.

A Fanta Dress code

When I first received the What the Fanta launch invite, I remember thinking about what I am going to wear. I had previously done some light shopping a couple of days prior at Foschini, so I had some options. I could have worn a lilac pleated satin skirt from Foschini, which looked good on me, but I wanted to be comfortable, and Ziyanda suggested I just wear jeans. So, the distressed jeans I’m wearing in these images are literally a staple in my wardrobe, and if you don’t believe me, check out This article, this post and visit HERE.

What the Fanta Instanation

I am such a Pretorian because I didn’t know there was such a place as Instanation South Africa. Instanation is an interactive exhibition, a hub for creativity and curiosity. A social media playground with 33 artistic installations. It’s a place where you, friends and family can have fun capturing fantastic imagery. Each artistic installation had a ring light fitted, and we took some of the most outstanding images. My favourite booth was the booth with the Fanta Peach and Fanta Strawberry. And, with real-life fruits on the table with a very colourful yellow and orange background.

Another favourite photo booth at Instanation must be the room with mirrors and chandeliers. The booth with the large Pink hearts was lovely, and the other photo booth with the Yellow Vintage Bike setup was whimsical.

Blogger Photography skills

One thing I love about going to events with influencers is meeting like-minded people who enjoy doing like-minded things like taking amazing pictures of you. I met this gorgeous human being at Instanation, and we hit it off. I met Nosiphi Magwentshu, and we took the most outstanding images of each other. The beauty of having like-minded associates or friends is that we all know, without having to discuss it, what we all need to do.

So, these images were taken by her, and you can follow her account on Instagram HERE.

Workout routine

I have not been to the gym in a while. The reality is that I pay too much to go to the gym to use their treadmills, and they don’t tell me to walk in my neighbourhood. It’s never safe for girls to walk, LITERALLY, ANYWHERE. So, in the future, I’m planning on investing in a home gym. So, I can stop the constant wasting of money by paying such high fees for the gym and only using a few of their equipment.

I will tell you, though, that I have not felt this confidence to wear a crop top in months. Felt cute, bright, and jovial. I chose the orange bubble sleeve crop top because it felt like the right outfit to wear to the What the Fanta Launch.  Blue denim distressed jeans and an orange crop with bubble sleeves felt like the best option for a fun-filled afternoon in Rosebank, Gauteng.

 The size of the orange crop top with bubble sleeves is Medium, and it’s perfect for my Double Ds. As you can see, I am really obsessed with this crop.

What the Fanta Flavour

When you check out the Fanta Website you see that there are a couple of Blue drinks, and the flavour is  actually Berry. Check out the new flavours and enjoy the What the Fanta launch images taken at InstaNation.


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