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Picking what to wear when going to see or meet up with a boy you like can be fun but can also come with a lot of anxiety. I always want to impress, as guys are visual creatures, but i also want to be comfortable. Choosing what to wear on a date takes on  a couple of factors. 1, What kind or type of date is it? 2, Who is it 3, Where is it etc. When I’m going to meet up with someone for the very first time or we going on our very first date, i like to cover up.

WHAT I WEAR TO DINNER WITH BAE: First Dates: Because i want to get to know this person, im going to try by all means to not be too sexy. Too sexy can give the impression that all you want is sex from a person and too sexy just makes the other person not pay attention to what you are saying and more on your thighs or boobies. So if you want to get to know a person, i would recommend to cover up. Covering up is what i would recommend when going to meet a guy but, if you are with your girls, sexy is always best. But, then again, what time is this girl meet up and where is it? Take those in mind. Meeting up with a guy for the first date i would wear crop top and long jeans with heels but the crop top is a must, it just cant be too crop thou. I would also wear a tight long dress; shows your shape without exposing your body. You see, sometimes less is more. But.. When you are going out with your boyfriend or modern day hubby LOL you can go sexy, as all men want their girls to be attractive to other guys (knowing that you belong to him)  just not revealing.

WHAT I WEAR TO DINNER WITH BAE: Its important to know where the date will be before hand so that you can plan what to wear. Most evening dates are at restaurants but imagine wearing heels to a movie  or a date at the mall where you will be walking. I get it, you wanna look cute but at what cost? So that you can go home early because you want to take off your shoes? LOL nope. Rather bring flats to change but never let heels or sexiness or classiness stop you from having a good time. Going on dates is fun and i mean that, all the time. I dont wanna not be able to go on dates no more because now Im married. It doesn’t make sense to me. Another thing that doesn’t make sense to me is date night? Why are date nights planned? because we stop having time for dates? Ok… i get that  it happens but for me, that’s the beginning of all problems. Most of the time its the wife with kids that doesn’t have time but if the husband with kids would help her out around the house often, she would have time for spontaneous dates and a little extra something.

WHAT I WEAR TO DINNER WITH BAE: Have you ever gone on an out doors first date and you brought your sandals other that converse because you did not think that you would be hiking???? Lol Well, this point goes back to the first one. Know what kind of date it is and if you guys are still getting to know each other communication is key, no surprises. Check the weather, check the location and plan appropriately. On this particular date , I didn’t want to be covered at all, although it was pretty cold. There are so many dresses I have that are sometimes too sexy for a first date , all lined up in my wardrobe. The good thing about this date ,  was that it was cold and I could cover myself until I reached the dinner table. But, Im not complaining, dresses have a way of making me feel even sexier and I love it.

When we got there i ordered a mushroom ad biltong soup and the soup was so filling, we asked that our main course be take aways.



Restaurant: Boabab

Dress: MissGuided (See the Dress HERE)

Shoes: Madison

Coat: I Forgot


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