CROP tops, the shocking truth

Are Crop tops inappropriate? The shocking truth

Are crop tops Inappropriate?

Crop tops are a popular fashion option amongst young women. A lot of women like being skinny, having a flat tummy, and showing the flat tummy off. But crop tops are not just for skinny, slender women. Crop tops are for whoever is interested in wearing crop tops. The issue arises when a woman has gained a bit of weight and thinks she can’t wear a crop top because people will judge her. Make no mistake, people will judge you regardless of what you are wearing. So, wear whatever you like.

Body positivity

The other issue is body positivity. Sometimes pregnancy gives you huge stretchmarks that you feel embarrassed about. Sometimes the issue is cellulite etc. But that is Your body, show it off if you like, you only have one body till you die. And there is always a way of wearing crop tops that can hide the things on your body you call imperfections. You can wear a really low crop top to cover more skin. Whatever you decide, do what’s right for YOU.

Crop tops range in different styles

The beauty of crop tops is that they range in different styles and materials but the common theme is that they expose your midriff. A crop top may be worn by itself or under a shirt, jacket, or sweater to create an interesting combination of fabrics and colours. You can even wear a crop top on top of a dress to create a unique style. I once wore a crop top under a short tight dress because I felt that the dress was showing off too much of my boobies. I didn’t feel like wearing a bra. So, I worked it underneath. It looked nice. See the look HERE

Different ways of wearing crops

Fashion Magazines like can provide a person different ways of wearing clothes. I’ve seen so many pictures of celebrities wearing high waisted skirts and jeans with crop tops and it looks really good. There is always a way of making the crop top look and feel more formal or more playful, casual or smart casual according to your desire. I once saw Tika Sumpter on the Wendy Williams show wear a gorgeous, tight, high waist skirt with a crop top that showed just s sliver of her midriff. She looked amazing and business like , but she also looked cute and feminine. A sunset of an image she was.

Crop tops are a summer staple for many women.

I always say how lucky I am and how lucky most of us are to be born in an era that allows women, for the most part, to wear whatever they want. I respect women who dress up according to the beliefs and norms of their culture but I also respect women who dress up regardless of their culture.

In South Africa it can get exceedingly hot. Right now we are in the middle of a heat wave. We have temperatures ranging between 30 to 34 degrees Celsius and those numbers are constantly changing and get hotter or colder according to the geographic location. Wearing crop tops is a great way to keep cool but it’s also a great way to get sunburned on the tummy. You are doomed if you do, you are doomed if you do not. But if you can afford aircon, then you at a much better space than the rest of the country. To wear a crop top or not? That is the question.

Crop tops have a bad reputation

There are many reasons why crop tops have a bad reputation, like the saying that ‘crop tops are ‘only for the young’. If older women wear them, older women are considered too forward and not dressing up for their age. Which is BS to me. There is always a way of wearing any fashion item that is appropriate for your age, religion and weather. So, people should calm down. Also, if you think you have the body for crop tops, do not let ANYBODY stop you.

Toxic Religion

The other issue keeping women back from fashion and style liberation is toxic religion. When it comes to Christianity, there are so many verses in the Bible that elude to how a woman should dress. Look at this verse…“And I want women to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothes. For women who claim to be devoted to God should make themselves attractive by the good things they do.” – 1 Timothy 2:9-10 NLT

Christianity has so many rules on how women should dress that some parts of the Bible have been considered misogynistic and toxic for women. Then people will rush to defend the bible and say everything should be read in context. But why should I read the WHOLE book of Paul and Timothy for me to understand a paragraph? When you read this verse in the Bible about women’s clothing, It makes me angry. Yes, if you are a religious person, you should follow and practice those doctrines but keep those rules and practices to yourself. Don’t come to try and oppress me about my dress code if I don’t subscribe to your way of life. But you can go read this verse for yourself and come up with your conclusions. Don’t take my word for it.

Crop tops have been popular for years.

In many different populations around the world. Showing skin is not an issue, especially the midriff. Some of the most beautiful Indian wedding garments come in the form of a crop and a skirt. South Africa has some of the most gorgeous tribes, customs, and cultures and some of them do not see an issue with baring breasts, showing some thighs and some midriff. But I say all of this to emphasize that dress code is situational. I won’t just walk around in a thong in these Joburg streets, but I’ll definitely wear a thong Bikini on a Cape Town Beach.

My Outfit.

This article was supposed to be about this pencil skirt but I couldn’t find this specific skirt online. All I found were floral pencil skirts and that’s not what I’m wearing today. The crop top is from YDE but it’s a dress that was too short to wear outside as a dress, yet too long to wear as a top, so I cut it. If you want to see the before and after of the Crop top, see this LINK HERE.

The shoes are from Next, and the Photographer is Kagiso Mothlamme. Follow him HERE

Hope THIS Article has been helpful in finding out more about crops and simply different ways to wear them that feel comfortable.


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