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Converse All star: A girl should never only have high heels or pumps for times when feet need rest, summer – when feet get chapped in sandals and in winter to keep those tippy toes warm and baby soft.

The best pair of shoes to protect ones feet is the Converse all star. But the Converse has a lot of look alikes, fakes and impostors. If I could tell you how many pairs of converse look a likes I bought last year just to keep from forking out the R700.00 plus price that comes with all-star comfort, you will be amazed.

I bought

  1. Loxtion Culture Red Low tops. Didn’t last for more than two months. Was disappointed because they weren’t cheap
  2. Levis all black high tops. Lasted for approximately six months. Had to leave them in the UK, I could not travel with them anymore because they had started tearing by the heels.
  3. The most disappointing Converse look alike of all time was the Soviet all black high tops. Gosh, what fakery and what a waste of money. Those got lost in Swaziland and my mom was like, they were finished anyway’. Good riddens.

These heart breaking shoe stories about Converse all star look alikes break my heart because I spent a lot of money on them when I could have just taken half of that money and saved myself the emotional drainage and embarrassment by buying converse.

I once bought Black and White converse low tops in 2006 and I only parted ways with them in 2015. Converse all-star is a great shoe; it’s affordable and it’s made of good quality materials.

The Converse all star in these images cost me R600.00 at Beaver Canoe and it’s probably my most valuable purchase of 2016 to date.

Converse all star are ubiquitous, adorable, and can be found on ladies from birth to 99! They come in all kinds of colors but the most beloved are white and black, and the high top Converse has its place in my heart forever. It’s just too hot to wear high tops in this season. Guys, Its Hot.

Dressed up, they are a statement of irony or independence or comfort before fashion, dressed down, they are the perfect touch to almost anything- skirts, dresses, skinny jeans or shorts

Without socks or with tights, at night or during the day, on the beach or at a club, Converse are a unifying shoe: everyone loves them. Worn on fashionistas like Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chloe Sevigny and Pearl Thusi, they show up in magazines from Elle, Vogue, Truelove and Cosmopolitan. etc.

Converse has a beautiful story, and I can’t say it better than they do themselves on their website:


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