rage Green leggings
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RAGE GREEN LEGGINGS photo shoot was scary

rage green leggings

The Brooklyn rooftop was the perfect backdrop to end our day and finally take pictures of my outfit. Too bad the excitement of the parking lot backdrop was short lived when the security guards came up to us and asked us to stop taking pictures. I was like are you serious? He’s like, yeah. I’m like but we are at a parking lot! He’s like, I know. You are not allowed to use cameras or phones on this property. #Bewildered

He looked at us with a very stern look that read – Don’t even try!!O h my gosh it was like we were criminals. And I’m not talking misdemeanor illegal. I’m talking we would have been shipped off and never seen again if we had continued. Yep, crazy illegal! And so after trying to ‘talk’ to him we realized he might lose his job if he gives us permission, so we left.

The Brooklyn environment is very different to my experience at high cross mall. We could take pictures anywhere in the mall we wanted. Nobody was going to stop us and security guards casually walking passed us. I was quick to say, THESE AFRICANS, what third world tendencies are these?!? Until i read the reasons why mall management don’t want people to take pictures in them.

The reason is because most malls are actually private property. They’re owned by a company, not the city. Just because a place is open to the public, that doesn’t mean its public property. If you’re on private property, the owner has the right to ban photography on their land and they can tell you to immediately stop taking pictures. They might have their own reasons…for one thing, they might be afraid it will upset other customers since some people get really nervous when they see someone taking pictures, because they don’t want to be in the background. (You know, some people are just really self-conscious and shy, and don’t like being in pictures.) hhhhmmmmmm….

I know it seems lame(oh believe me we’ve discussed this a couple of times) and stupid, especially since we’re just a couple of fashion bloggers having fun taking pictures of fashion but since the mall is private property, you have to obey their rules.

Speaking of fashion, this outfit is legally from RAGE SHOES/CLOTHING, The leggings and this cool studded top. You can browse the latest trends on the site then locate the nearest Rage store near you and go ahead and make your purchase.

By the way, no one can stop you from being great on PUBLIC property…on a public street, a park, or even in front of a store. A store can tell you not to take pictures INSIDE, but they can’t stop you from taking pictures on a public street (know your rights). Legally, you can take pictures of pretty much anything that’s visible from a public street.

Hope this helps

Legal Photos taken by Siyabonga Mfuphi


Outfit of the day


Leggings/ Jeggings: Rage  

rage green leggings

Shoes: Diva

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