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Warrior Nun was so bad i had to review it

Warrior Nun is an idea that had enormous potential yet fell flat because the plot was not up to par. The plot was simply stretching because they wanted to lengthen the story. This could have easily been resolved if they had just planned for 6 episodes and not 10 boring ones.

The costumes were beautiful and reminded me of some good Netflix series like the Witcher and Luna Nera. The fight sequence were all orchestrated but not much thrill added to entice the audience. Good acting but how good is good acting without proper direction or production? And the Warrior Nuns acted so out of character that it got frustrating.

Are these Nuns Warriors or Not?

I was expecting more Warrior than None in Warrior Nun but i saw a lot more talking than fighting. And when these Nuns where fighting, the fight scenes were not thrilling. At some point during an important mission of which they only had 25 minutes to complete, you see them talking casually about what is supposed to happen next but there have no sense of urgency! They are walking but they are walking as if they are walking in a mall. And some of the fight scenes are so slow it feels like they are fighting while braiding each others hair. #RollsEyes

Warrior Nun review: The Chosen One

Imagine nuns who are trained for a lifetime and they suddenly fight among each other over a rather undeserving chosen one because why? Couldn’t they have simply talked or ask God for guidance? Also, after years of training, this chosen one simply slips out of the church by literally RUNNING away. Why was she chosen? Who is she? But these are unfortunatly questions Warrior Nun doesn’t offer explanations to.

What happened to the Boy in the lab? When he crossed over, where did he go? How was he conceived?

Ava has too many character flaws

Ava’s shallow character has many flaws, not because she may be ungrateful, but in that thanklessness she is inconsistent. After years spent bed ridden, she finds herself not being able to trust anyone because of the abusive nun at the orphanage. She trusts no one but a cute guy because? The same cute guy that is not seen again after episode 8? Yep… that one.

There is no clear purpose behind her decision making. People make bad decisions, have bad behaviour but it is consistent with their character. Even Lilith putting herself between the demon and Ava was very difficult to watch. Why would she risk her life for an undeserving chosen one. I was rolling my eyes throughout this episode.

Unforgivable mistakes

Another big mistake is how in the world does this girl know how to fight or even walk properly. The halo just enhances the ability of a person, as said in the second episode, she hasn’t felt her body from below her neck for years and suddenly she is a master at it because of TV? Yeah right. Also how she escaped from Father Vincent’s church beats me, because he did say that they are merely keeping her there because it is safe. If he knew the power of THE HALO, that sentence makes absolutely no sense because the halo doesn’t need protection.. right? Wrong! The halo is such a weak and brittle ‘crown’ it needs to be recharged after every time it is used. How disappointing of a Super weapon!

The HALO didnt choose her

Let us also remind ourselves that the halo did not choose her, situation did. Like in Harry Potter the wand chooses the wizard, a wrong wand doesn’t work for the wizard and causes havoc. This halo has no moral at all, it could be sitting inside a french prostitute and still be pretty damn content. How does that mean the halo chose someone. Also, a girl, who was paralyzed has the first priority to just kiss and have sex with a boy who did abandon her in the lab without thinking.

Her priority is not to walk, feel her feet, save her roommate or even dancing on the beach. Her priority is to follow a scamster, get high, and have sex. And I am sure in the remaining episodes, this all will suddenly change and she will have a change of heart and suddenly her priorities will change, because that is how inconsistent the writers of this series have been. I don’t usually write reviews unless something is too good or too bad.

Why, Netflix? Why?

Unfortunately, this falls into the category of half-baked netflix originals like Kiss Me First and the second season of TITANS. Such good talents in the direction, camerawork, acting, costumes and lighting all wasted because writers couldn’t take a brilliant idea to great development. I expected so much more from these Nuns, maybe because the Warrior Nun trailer was sooo good. What a shame!

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  1. You should see season 2. Season 1 I was pretty content with. Season 2 has so many dead ends. She knows how to fight from where? She’s running point of missions and shit. But just a couple months ago she wanted no parts. There’s only a 2 month time gap between seasons. So I’m thoroughly confused. Lilith they made into some monster who fell in love with some dude locked in a cage. The acting is worse. The over talking is worse. The cringe love between Ava and the one who’s all of a sudden her protector is so cringeeeee. I really say there after 6 episodes and said they ruined such a good show. Misogyny this and that, blah blah blah. They should’ve took some good pointers from The Witcher

    1. Oh my god. Been seeing it on the Netflix explore page and couldn’t be bothered 😂😂😂 im glad i didnt watch Season 2. Would have been clawing my eyes out😂😂😂

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