Victorias secret pure seduction perfume

Victoria’s secret Pure seduction Perfume review

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction perfume

I received the Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Perfume as a present from my Brother for my birthday on the 1st of January 2020. It is always a beautiful experience being in the same country as David during the December holidays. That is because David and I sort of share a birthday. His birthday is on the 31st of December and my birthday is on the 1st of January. This very significant birthday organization is so important to us because the year begins with me and ends with him. For your information, he is the last born and I am the first born and I love him to bits and pieces.

Victorias secret pure seduction perfume
Victorias secret pure seduction perfume

I am always so grateful for the time David takes to buy or get me a birthday present because we rarely see each other. And ,sometimes it feels like we have grown so far apart. First of all, we are a whole 10 years apart when it comes to age and, he is the only boy in the house. All of us are girls. So, when he takes the time to buy a birthday present like Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction perfume, it warms my heart. My heart is full because although there is this gnawing voice in my head that says that David and I will forever be strangers, he surprises me with a thoughtful and very ‘so me’ birthday present. When I received the gifts I almost cried. It is not just the gift that I appreciate. My appreciation has nothing to do with the gift. It has everything to do with the sentimental value of the present.

Brotherly Love

I love Perfumes, David understands that. I love fake hair, David understands that too. Also, i love great smelling shower gels and hand lotions and these items I received from my little brother on my BDay . The Victoria’s Secret Pure seduction perfume is undoubtedly my favourite. And when I spray it, it reminds me of the love my brother still has for me. Now that I’m thinking about it, my heart fills with joy repeatedly and I don’t feel separated or apart from him any longer.

How does the Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Smell?

Pure Seduction is a combination of Melon, Plum and Freesia. I absolutely love pure seduction scent! I want to bathe in it! Pure Seduction smells Fresh, like a bouquet of fresh flowers. And the freshness lingers on through the day. When you first pray Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction, it smells heavy. But once it has settled on the skin, it smells divine. What is more exciting about this scent is that it smells even more seductive when your body is hit by rays of sun. In warm weather Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction is mesmerizing. Mesmerizing and intoxicating are words I love using when a perfume makes you feel like you are on cloud 9.

Mesmerizing scents

Pure seduction is a perfume I would love to take to a club scene and keep spraying it the whole night. When you pass anyone wearing pure seduction, the smell is unforgettable. It’s almost like wearing Britney spears Fantasy. Fantasy is one of the most memory catching fragrances to date. It doesn’t change too much regardless of who is wearing it. Other perfumes have a way of mixing with your body. Fantasy blends with your body scent but the true scent never goes away. You can tell that it is Britney spears Fantasy from a mile away. And Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction s the same. Very distinctive, fresh and youthful scent.

Pure Seduction is available at BidorBuy  and Takealot.

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