victoria's secret fashion show 2016


Watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show gave me both Goosebumps and a surge of adrenaline. Its fight or flight in this fashion industry. Hearing all the models and how far they have come to how lucky they feel as Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show angels is amazing. It just shows that motivation and hard work can get you anywhere you want to be in life.

 Some models started really young and with any industry it always seems harder in the beginning but with life, you can’t appreciate anything you haven’t worked hard for. I personally appreciate seeing models like Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana lima,  Jasmine Tookes  and not forgetting  Maria Borges, a natural haired black model and my favourite Joan Smalls. It’s surreal.

What I absolutely LOVED about this year’s Fashion Show was its diversity. All kinds of saucy skin tones from vanilla to deep chocolate. YESS!!!!!

What I hate about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is how I initially feel like.. OH MY GOSH those girls are sooo Hot but it’s not entirely how hot they look, it’s more on the confidence they portray and how one can almost smell it through the flat screen lol Incredible.

What makes Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show one of the biggest fashion shows on earth is all the props they put in it. Too bad my girl angel Candice wasn’t on the runway this year but Candice Swanepoels absence took nothing away from the show. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was filled with many lingerie pieces any girl would buy, inspired by the Angels.

While most guys would love seeing their woman wearing a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show lingerie, the excitement lasts for but a few minutes until Victoria’s secret is left on the floor lol. But Victoria’s secret lingerie in the segment Dark Angel with the millions of straps might take some time to get to the floor which might create some frustrations, so I hope wearing those lingerie pieces are easier to take off than put on because the black Dark Angel collections look like a headache LOL.

Anyway… Below are my favourite pieces from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show  and shout out to my girl Jasmine Tookes for being one of a handful of black females to wear the Three Million  Dollar fantasy bra that needed much security.

And I have to mention that Lady Gaga’s second performance had me clapping hands in front of the T.V, which is always weird, like… nobody hears your applause Beatrice. But, Who cares? She killed it!!!

All in love. In Paris.


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