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Its been a couple of days since my last post mainly because I wasn’t feeling too well but also because we have been working on some new content. The other reason is that we, and I , needed a break and I needed some time to think.

Out here its cut throat, one wrong move and the knife slices your throat. And because of this, people will intimidate you, they will try to make you feel like you don’t know anything and that THEY know better, and make you feel small, and eventually you will start to be afraid.

But let me tell you, this world is not for sissies, its literally survival of the fitness and most people are hunters, looking for someone to destroy so they can have it all. The guys that take and take  think that there is only enough for them but their small minds cant comprehend that there is power in numbers and that resources, if you are smart, can always be regrown, reproduced and redistributed fairly, but PEOPLE are greedy.

In these city streets with these flashing lights, as gorgeous as you are, don’t let people tell you that you will get what you want but you will get it because you are ‘only’ beautiful. In these streets, people will tell you that brains have no place in a beautiful girl, but time and time again we prove that brains do the same job in everyone’s head, its that persons choice to use what’s on his or her shoulder.

Don’t be afraid, those that bring you down are those that fear you. Those that throw stones at you and keep closing the lid on you are desperate for what you have. Those that talk about you and plot against you are merely admires that dont know it yet. They want you gone because you pose a threat. They want you not to succeed because they know how far you will go once the ball starts rolling. Don’t be afraid, make them fear and respect you by working smart and working harder. Don’t be afraid, what ever challenges you face at work  know that they are there to show you your true friends. Don’t be afraid, we really don’t have time to be shy, to not demand what’s rightfully ours, to not ask questions and not work hard. There is no more time for weakness. The time for independence, financial freedom and social security is here, pick up your weapons and armor yourself with courage and conquer the world.

Don’t Be Afraid, fear is for sissies, we are ladies.



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  1. Lesego says:

    So encouraged by your word of inspiration “CANNOT BE AFRAID OR SCARED” so true.

  2. Lesego says:

    Wise inspiration. I am so encouraged “CANNOT BE AFRAID OR SCARED” so true.

    1. You are most welcome dear 🙂

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