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I prayed before and after eating this Vegan wrap

I was brought up in a Christian home. And we prayed for everything. We prayed for the food we are about to receive. We prayed for safe travels. We prayed to not be lead into temptation and a whole bunch of wants and needs we wanted to receive from God. So, after i made this Vegan Wrap i remembered to pray. And, honey!!!This Vegan wrap tasted so Good!

‘Grace’ shouldn’t take 2 hours

My friends never ask me to pray for the food because they say my prayers are too short. LOL The audacity! They would rather we say grace for two hours and end up with cold food? Nah fam… When i pray, i am talking to God as a friend, not begging for my life! So, when i thanked God for the Vegan wrap that i made myself, the prayer was short and sweet.

Do i feel closer to God because i am eating (plant based) vegan food?

I used to think that because i try my level best to do what is ‘right’ then God would hear my prayers faster. Can you believe i also thought that my prayers would be answered more effectively because i wasn’t a ‘common sinner’? How delusional! ‘Holier than thou’ Christians do not realise that at the Cross the Ground is Level. There is no one higher or lower than anyone else when it comes to God. We are all sinners, equally!

Vegans vs Carnivores

My journey of eating plant based food vs eating meat is a fickle and erratic journey. At anytime i might change what i put into my mouth from plants to animals and that would still not stop me from asking for blessings for the food!

Prayer is first and foremost a conversation between me and God, then the promise to always listen to me is the answer my heart always needs most. After eating that vegan wrap, i prayed again! Sharing how i was enjoying my vegan wrap made me feel good.

Some of the stupid things i used to pray for

I used to pray for a husband until i realised that what i needed was not a title, i needed someone who would always love me and if that included marriage and kids, cool! But i didn’t need a husband to experience true love. I used to pray for happiness until i was told that no one can provide happiness for you apart from yourself!

God later became someone i shared ideas with and together we would map out daily paths for me to take to get to the places i wanted to be. And after a long day of spiritual conversations, i would reach out to my friends and family and share with them my day-to-day shenanigans.

God doesn’t need our prayers

Prayer imparts a blessing which sanctifies the meal. The practice reflects the belief that humans should thank God who is the origin of everything. So, whether, its a vegan meal or not, give thanks for everything comes from God. One of my favourite Bible verse is Job 1:21 and says, “Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return to the ground. The Lord gives, and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Vegan Wrap Recipe

This Vegan Wrap is also low carb. The wrap itself is made from Zucchini, Coconut Flour, coconut fruit, Psyllium husk and vegetable oil. I get the wraps from Checkers and you can order them online HERE and the None Vegan option HERE.

Ever since i discovered Vegan mayonnaise, it has made eating plant based food so much easier. The leaves i used for my lunch are from Checkers. Actually, most of the food you see below is from Checkers apart from the Basil Pesto. That being said, the Basil Pesto from Woolies isn’t vegan, was so disappointed! But the Pesto is what i absolutely cannot live without when preparing wraps. As soon as i find a plant based alternative, ill keep you informed! The rest of the ingredients are tomatoes, red onion, avocado, black pepper and Nandos Hot Sauce


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