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Victoria Yards Vegan Market

Rose and I had been planning to visit THE Victoria Yards Vegan Market for about two weeks now. I am not a Vegan and Rose is definitely not a Vegan but we wanted to know more about the Vegan Lifestyle.  I have recently become Plant based. I would not call it a diet, more like a lifestyle.  I chose to not eat meat anymore from the 1st of January 2020 after my birthday.

When I decided to stop eating meat

In the Christmas of 2019, I ate so much meat I was tired of seeing it, smelling it and above all, eating it. So one day I just decided to not eat it at all. And I have not looked back since. Actually, on my flight back from Britain to South Africa I ate a little bit of Chicken because there were no Vegan options in the air. Then when I landed I continued with the custom of Plat based.

After about a week on the Vegan diet, I started getting allergic reactions to certain foods and realized that I am allergic to wheat. So, I stopped eating wraps, Tortillas and bread. I Opted for more wholesome, none processed carbohydrates like rice and… oh well… more rice. I am a huge fan of fruit so i eat about 4 fruits a day and I am obsessed with leafy greens. Especially kale, baby spinach and course lettuce.  So, entering the Victoria Yards Vegan Market I was expecting a whole lot of different Vegan foods and Vegan options to try out.

Victoria Yards Vegan Market Options.

My friend Rose wanted some chips. And, it’s unfortunate that the only chips we got was chips from fish and chips. A store that was not even part of the Vegan Market. I was so disappointed when we had to resort to eating Fish and chips because we were so hungry. I had not eating meat in weeks but on the 16th of February at the Victoria Yards Vegan Market, I ate some fish.

Vegan Options at the Yard

I was really expecting a much bigger market with a whole lot more food. We had alcohol, I’m assuming, Vegan. That is not made by using honey derived from bees. Which is a really good wine to have if you are a true Vegan.

Then there were some Indian dishes. Vegan of course. And these vegan wraps and fillings were true vegan. Then we looked everywhere for Vegan Burgers. And when I say we looked ‘everywhere’, I am serious. We could not find the Vegan Burgers. Which was frustrating and disappointing.

Vegan Desserts.

So, there is this lady at the Victoria Yards Vegan Market that sells these handsome, beautiful and Vegan cakes. The cakes look good, smell good and tastes good. Radically Raw has some of the tastiest and out of this world Vegan desserts available in Johannesburg. You guys must try them

Fresh Produce

Victoria Yards Vegan Market has stalls that sell fresh produce. But why is the fresh produce even more expensive than the one you find at certain street corners in the Pretoria CBD. Now, why would I buy fresh fruit and Veg by the vegan market when I can get it for less the amount on the streets? All produce is fresh and all produce must be washed before eating it. So basically, all fresh produce is the same.

Managing your expectations at the Victoria Park Vegan Market

Calling all the organizers of the Victoria Yards Vegan Market. Please bring Vegan  Chefs and food makers. Not just desserts, next time. What am I expecting at a Vegan Market? A  bloody market!!! I want to taste Vegan Chicken Briyani and I also want to taste different types of Vegan wraps. I want to taste more Vegan Burgers and I want to taste Vegan Beef Lasagne as well. I loved the experience of being one with Nature but I would have appreciated it more if there were Vegan substitutes.

The Issues with Vegan Markets if you are a True Vegan

When a person has decided to become a true Vegan, the premise is that Veganism is eating whole foods, pant based and the food is very easy to make.

What i would like to see at Vegan Food Markets are the things that are not that easy to make or bake. The meat substitutes are very important at Vegan markets and i feel like that is what should be some of the most important factors there.

When you go to food markets, especial the Vegan ones, it serves no purpose to see the food that is readily available at grocery stores like Checkers, Spar and Shoprite and huge warehouse stores like Fruit and Veg City and other vegetable, whole foods stores.

Vegan Food Markets in South Africa:

Looking for a whole foods market in Gauteng or South Africa? Here are two Markets you can visit soon, open on Weekends at least once a month.


PRETORIA VEGAN FOOD FAIR @ Loftus Park: Find more information HERE.

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