Valentine's day 2023 Woolworths Bra and Panty

Never give up on Love in Woolworths Bra

VALENTINE’S DAY 2023 in Woolworths Bra DD Cup! It’s the 14th of February 2023 for all the lovers. I’m writing this at night. It’s midnight and it’s raining outside. The bedroom has glass doors that open in view of the city. A fresh breeze fills the room as I remember the day I promised myself I would never give up on love. I need to be with someone. I cannot live alone or choose to go through this life alone. But I will never settle. I will never settle for mediocre love, shallow love, abusive love, or love that’s worn out, outdated, and cold. As much as I love Love and love being in love, I also know how to let go of lost love, mourn the love and eventually move on to new or old love. But love is and will always be a part of my life. I’ll look for love, be intentional about love and eventually die trying to find love. But ill never give up on it. Happy VALENTINE’S DAY 2023 my loves.

Make finding love a priority.

Let’s not get it twisted. Love can come from anywhere and anyone. It doesn’t have to be romantic love in order to feel its impact on your life. The love that comes from being with family Is also love. Prioritizing friendship love over Romantic love is very beneficial. The issue is believing that you can live without guardian love, brotherly love, friendship love, or romantic love. That is a lie. I have many friends I love. Friends who call me on a daily through specific rough patches and good times. I’ve friends I’ve held onto through deep crisis, only to later celebrate their achievements. Love is the appropriate feeling that describes our friendships, and I’m not afraid to say it out loud.

“All you need is love, love…love is all you need,” the Beatles sang, in 1967. Well, on Valentine’s Day 2023, I’m here to tell you that nothing has changed. Pure Love is the Universal ingredient so don’t be tempted to skimp.

Love makes us…

Love makes us feel seen, heard, understood, and valued. Love makes us feel less afraid, and sometimes, it’s the net that appears below us just before we jump. When love appears to be in short supply, we can begin to question our reason for living, or at least, for being here. Love is important and necessary.

Find your none negotiables and the rest can be compromised

When I decided it was time for me to find new friends, I knew what I needed them to have for us to be friends. And, it’s the same with a romantic partner. I’ve learned to identify my none negotiables and have convinced myself that anything else can be compromised. One of the biggest issues in dating today is that we don’t know ourselves. Before dating you need to learn to love yourself wholeheartedly in order to be able to give and receive the love you need. But you also need to know what you will not compromise on. The list doesn’t have to be long. But the list has to be there. Not necessarily of looks, but of character.

 If he didn’t have these characteristics, I wouldn’t waste his time, and id move on. I didn’t want to end up begging a man to communicate as if I  was begging a child to eat. Also, I knew that these were my none negotiables and I communicated them strategically. Sometimes I wouldn’t even say a thing, I would just see that this person isn’t the one for me and stop entertaining him. By the way, I obviously had to be attracted to him. But I’ve also learned that once someone treats you the way you want to be treated, love comes. I liked him a lot! Now I don’t want to imagine a life without him.

Never settle! Especially on Valentine’s Day 2023

‘Finding your none negotiables and the rest can be compromised’ doesn’t mean a life of settling. I would never advise anyone to settle! Man or woman. But then again… I’ve dated A lot. So, there was no way I was going to settle. I put myself out there religiously, but I could only do that after I realized that the man of my dreams wasn’t going to find me watching Netflix on my bed. I HAD TO LEAVE THE HOUSE!!!

Finding Love after 30

I thought that there will be fewer guys wanting me after I hit 30 but let me tell you right now for free. THAT’S A LIE!! There is obviously a different caliber of men that like me now that I’m more mature.

The media pushes a narrative that women over 30 aren’t desired, which is just so wrong. Men who push that narrative are obviously looking to date teenagers, which is always predatory to me. I’m all for dating whomever you like but any guy over 30 dating a 17, 18 or even 19-year-old is a predator! I digress.

I know love and it isn’t Ego.

You cannot love if your EGO still governs who you are. You cannot forgive if you have an EGO, you cannot compromise and you cannot give. Love teaches you to give selflessly. Love is powerful but so is the Ego. KEEP YOUR Ego at bay when you finally fall in love.

I know what love is. I’ve been in love, and I’ve felt love. I’ve been in relationships that showed me wonderful places and things. Those relationships unfortunately ended but they didn’t end because love had died. They ended because of issues beyond our control. And if I ever see those ex-lovers I will greet them with warmth because I do not hate them. They are a piece of me that I had to let go. Not a finger and not a limb, but an emotion.

Happy VALENTINE’S DAY 2023 my loves

I feel like I’ve talked a lot about love in this post but rightly so.  VALENTINE’S DAY 2023 is a day of love. One day the whole year we freely express love to each other. It’s the day to receive and give flowers, teddies, and heart chocolates from Lindt. But I receive flowers even when it’s not Valentine’s, I get chocolates almost every weekend. My point is, if you are getting the ‘normal’  VALENTINE’S DAY 2023 gifts on the day of love, you should be getting them often and not just on  VALENTINE’S DAY 2023.  VALENTINE’S Day 2023 IS FOR tickets to Spain, 16-inch tires wrapped in a bow, business vouchers, and support, bond or rent paid for 6 months in Advance, etc. And I would reward him with a cozy night in lingerie from Woolies or Bras and Things. Actually I’ve rewarded him with a lot more than just lingerie, so don’t cancel me LOL

Woolworths Bra and Panty

The LINGERIE set I’m wearing can be purchased at Woolworths and you can buy it directly by following THIS LINK. I wear a 36DD OR 36E and the undies are Extra Large.

This Post is In collaboration with Woolworths South Africa

Have an amazing VALENTINE’S DAY 2023.


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