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Farouk Royal Treatment by CHI gives you everything you need to achieve beautiful hair using the finest quality ingredients. The Royal treatment white truffle pearl achieves perfect balance and harmony with rare and exotic ingredients of White Truffle and Pearl, which have been coveted by the nobility of ancient civilizations and since for their amazing effect on hair and skin.

It features the exceptional benefits of white truffle and pearl, which contains Vitamin British, Amino acids, proteins and moisturizers. The sulfates and paraben free system is a lavish line designed to create and maintain healthy, beautiful hair with the finest ingredients, giving extraordinary results.

The samples I received from the royal treatment white truffle pearl collection includes the Royal treatment white truffle and pearl – Pearl complex leave in treatment for hair and nails, Royal treatment white truffle pearl hydrating conditioner and volume conditioner, Royal treatment white truffle pearl hydrating shampoo and volumizing shampoo and finally, the Royal treatment white truffle pearl Ultimate Control Working spray that creates shine and hold.

The Royal Treatment White truffle and pearl collection smells sweet and I love hair products that smell good because hair must always smell good.

Now, I alternate between my own hair, a weave and cornrows but this product is for long or short but straight hair, perfect to use on my weave.

I can’t really tell you which one is my favorite product but I’m drawn to the Ultimate control. You see, I love texture and sometimes, if you put too many products in your hair, you may end up dampening the hair and making it heaven or flat which takes away its natural movement. And that was what had happened to me. Luckily, I had this product already and after curling, straightening and finally setting it, I sprayed it with the Ultimate Control. The ultimate control added volume back to my hair without drying it out and kept the shape of the curls for roughly TWO days. My hair had more volume thanks to Royal Treatment White Truffle Pearl ultimate control.

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