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Beauty Treats color obsession pink eye-shadow

The beauty Treats Color Obsession Eye shadow booklet has many colors that complement all skin tones. At first I wanted a rose gold eye shadow pallet, and later I was drawn to a more burgundy pallet. I finally settled for the Beauty Treats Color obsession Eye Shadow booklet because it had most of the colors that I need.

With The Beauty treats color obsession Eye shadow booklet I managed to create this very pretty tropical , pink, orange eye look. I chose the tropical vibes because on this particular day I felt really pretty and fresh. What catalyzed my well-being was also probably the foundation that I had on from Estee Lauder. 

Before you watch the video, I do send out a disclaimer saying that this is an eye shadow tutorial. This makeup tutorial from yours truly, South African Beauty vlogger Beliciousmuse, focuses more on the eye area but you will get to see how I finish off the look with concealers, eye liner, mascara and powder, oh and lets not forget the strobing highlighter powder at the end.

Ok, more on the foundation that I used for the makeup tutorial, which isn’t featured here. The morning of the Beauty Treats color obsession  Eye shadow booklet purchase, I went to Dischem stores with a foundation on. Wen I am not going too far, I at least out on a little bit of foundation. The foundation I used is Rich Cocoa from Estee Lauder. So when I got back home I didn’t wash off the foundation so to start afresh, I simply ‘carried on’ with the look.

Dischem sells a wide range of makeup. The Americans would call it drug store makeup, guess cause its not branded. Anyway… Its been a long time since I did a make up tutorial, and once of the reasons I did this tutorial is because my dear friend Bongi keeps pushing me to do one, or many. Such friends are needed.

The Beauty Treats Color Obsession Eye shadow booklet can be purchased at Dsichem stores.

Lipstick: Flat out Fabulous from Mac Cosmetics. Foundation is from Estee Lauder and its called Rich Cocoa. All concealers used in this video are from L.A Girl Cosmetics. High lighter is also from L.A Girl Cosmetics and I used the Strobing highlighters, mixed 50 and 60 Watts.

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