I rarely design tribal/ African prints outfits and I have not yet decided if I want to do an entire collection or just a few pieces but I can safely say that I’m in love with this ensemble. I wore this outfit on Sunday, sight seeing at the Union Buildings in this gorgeous VestidoRose Tribal/African print skirt and top accompanied by red Suede Shoes from Debenhams 

with the accessories I bought from Pamela’s on sight Pop up shop.  I designed this outfit with inspiration from some of the top designers in the fashion industry making it big at home and around the world and are still able to connect with their roots. Its humbling

My four friends and I decided to take a trip to Mozambique and spend Christmas and New Year’s there. This was my first trip as the only other time I had spent time in Mozambique was in transit. This time we were going to stay there for more than 7 days and we were excited.  We had planned prior to the trip to go to Bilene beach to see the much talked about attraction. Bilene is quite a long distance from Maputo so we got up early so that we could be back before sunset. It was around 40 degrees Celsius but we were so happy to have finally arrived that we even forgot to put on sunscreen, jumped right into the water and had the time of our lives.

At the end of the day our skin tones had literally turned grey. The colour was almost navy blue for the darker shades and brownish red for the light skinned,  as if someone had taken dark blue, brown, red paint and painted all over us with a HUGE brush missing the bra straps and bikini lines. It was horrific. We clearly didn’t look like the same girls that arrived at the beach that morning but that didn’t matter to us, we laughed it off and, after a few days back in Pretoria our skin tones returned to normal!  As good as it was going away it’s always great to be back home.

Some people dont call one country home or a certain language a ‘mother tongue’ because they are in my opinion intercontinental. A person might be for instance  born in Africa, raised in the USA, married in Vietnam and living in Britain.( Yep such people do exist)  For those of us living in the country of our birth that’s  all good but for those of us who are raised by the world, we are global and home is the country we choose to associate with in relation to how close we feel to it and what it means to us. Being universal  doesn’t however restrict you on making a choice on deciding  where you want to belong. Home is about people, what’s comfortable, what’s close to the heart, it can be anything and anyone, whatever it is, when asked where home is, home can always be found.

Lots of Warm Love

Ms B

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