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NEW Tresemme Botanique Range

When I think of the word Botanique, which is the new product name of TRESemmé , I think of the botanical gardens. A beautiful memory from my childhood, cultivated and inspired by my dad, who loved sitting in beautiful parks, starring at beautiful flowers on Saturday Afternoons.

Botanique is obviously derived from the word Botany: the scientific study of the physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economic importance of plants. And because of that, i felt like new TRESemme Botanique collection will be mind blowing . TRESemmé  botanique has not just created a beautiful combination of hair shampoo and conditioner but an awesome product for natural hair.

When it comes to natural hair, im very passionate about the topic because for years I thought that for me to have wavy gorgeous relaxed hair, I need to wash and condition it with Hair shampoos and conditioners for Caucasian hair. That way of thinking is a way of thinking that affects us all but, only because there is not a lot of awareness about hair products that are predominately for afro textured hair. But…TRESemmé Botanique is not just for afro textured hair.

Tresemme Botanique not just for Afro Hair

TRESemmé Botanique is a hair product for all hair types that are natural. Its funny but its been so acceptable that the word Natural hair in South Africa has been boxed to only apply to afro textured hair but… as we all know, that’s not true. Caucasian hair is also natural hair.  Natural hair is all hair that grows naturally on the scalp, black, white, Indian and colored. and that’s why im so in love with TRESemmé Botanique  because it caters to EVERYONE with natural hair. With that being said lol DONT TRY using it on a weave.

Tresemme Hair Care Market

In recent months, the Hair Care Market in South Africa, has seen “Naturals” become more than just a trend as more brands continue to enter this platform where demand is on the rise. It is now safe to say that this trend has now earned its place as a segment and is here to stay!

Tresemme Botanique Range

This range can be used by anyone but is ideally suited for those with dry hair looking for natural solutions to gently cleanse their hair whilst keeping it beautifully soft and healthy looking. The formulation includes Mother Nature’s best ingredients such as Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera to ensure hair is left moisturised, manageable and soft.

Tresemme Botanique is Paraben free Hair care

It therefore is a no-brainer that this remarkable brand is bang-on trend and are now proud to offer their consumers the new TRESemmé Botanique Range. A professional-quality wash and care system free of parabens, dyes, silicones and lower in sulphates to breathe new life into a hair care regime whilst celebrating “natural” in all its beauty.

Wash and Care routine

“It’s important for every woman to have a wash and care regime. Regular shampooing gets rid of product build-up, pollution and sweat, which can block hair follicles and affect hair growth,” says Kuvendren Pillay, Research & Development Manager for Hair at Unilever. “Conditioning is just as important as it replaces oils lost during washing, smoothing the hair and helping to prevent dryness, damage & breakage.” TRESemmé Botanique shampoo and conditioner are available nationwide from major retailers at a Recommended Retail Price of R79,99 each.



The story behind this head piece. I swear when I got to the Tresemme Botanique Launch I wasn’t wearing it. It was  part of our gift packages. But I loved how it looked so much that I just simply only posted the pictures with  me wearing it. Its surreal. Thanks Again Tresemme.

And why not? Optic moments with LootLove are always good moments. Its was a launch lunch.

Tresemme Botanique Launch Gallery 

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