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Brown jersey dress

For me, Wearing the Brown Jersey dress is easy. Especially in winter. The Brown Jersey dress is one of the easiest pieces of clothing one can wear in the colder months. I am not one to layer my clothing. Wearing too many clothes gives me anxiety and i also suffer from  hyperventilating. I hate wearing clothes but i love fashion. Fashion is my life, so when i do want to leave the house, i look for something easy, simple, sexy and still stylish. SO the Brown jersey dress is the perfect dress to wear on such cooler occasions.

People who follow all the rules and chase every trend tend to be forgotten – they look great but they are not as memorable. We are all influenced (trend setters)  by the things we see. By beholding we become changed and there is nothing wrong with this, it all depends on how much a person wants to stand out. Following trends is a way of fitting in and not feel excluded. But why invest so much time and money to make sure that we look like everyone else; why fit in when we were made to stand out? To set or follow? That is the question.

There is a way to follow trends (trend setters) but not get consumed by them. You can subscribe to fashion magazines, shop online, attend fashion shows all over the world and get a closer look at what’s the current fashion movement.

Trends come and go with the season and sometimes it makes no sense to splurge on something you might not be able to wear a couple of months from now. I would personally splurge on statement designer pieces and items that have a timeless and elegant feel to them

Splurging on statement pieces like shoes, bags, brochures, neck pieces etc. make an ensemble look very expensive. Statement pieces also help interpret a fashion trend to a more personal style and give personality the opportunity to shine through.

Trends are good and well to follow but creating personal style sets you apart from the rest. Tweaking a trend to a more personal look gives it persona and allows others to copy or duplicate it. It’s important to know who you are, what you like, what you don’t like so that you are be able to make proper statements with what you are wearing.

I chose to wear a light blue blouse and a bright pink fuchsia skirt with light orange trimmings for effect from VestidoRose. Black bag from LEGIT and the statement piece heels I bought from SOLO. It’s never a dull moment when we take pictures in a crowd but I have noticed that no matter what trend I’m wearing it’s my personal take on it that makes me stand out. It’s always a good thing when someone does a double take looking at your outfit other than when nobody even notices. We wear clothes not solely to be noticed (trend setters) but to look good and feel good about ourselves and for our personalities to shine and if that is the objective then we have done our job.


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