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Before I even dreamt of travelling the world I told myself I should travel South Africa first, then explore Africa and finally leave my continent to travel the world. I have a wide variety of friends and having a wide variety of friends mean that you get the opportunity to travel to their respective homes, not necessarily in the city and get to see new places, eat different kinds of food and fall in love with people different to you and just have fun enjoying breathing different air and get sun kissed by a different kind of sun.

My sister and I took our first visit to Mpumalanga when a family friends grandmother turned eighty. It was a two hour journey and when we got there we enjoyed ourselves with being part of the festivities, we experienced how they slaughter cows in rural Mpumalanga but it was a weekend of no internet, broken networks and phones off. What we didn’t like about Mpumalanga was that the area that we had gone to visit had tin roofs so during these festive times when it rained, we had to switch off all appliances, even the T.V. and because of that, we decreased our visits there.

I’ve this awesome friend of mine called Slindile. I visited Bloemfontein one weekend when it was her birthday or just a normal weekend, can’t remember. It was fun, just hot but calm, almost like Gauteng, just a bit quieter. But Slindile is Not from Bloemfontein so on one of my Birthday celebrations she invited me to Kwazulu-Natal and there we had the most entertainment. December in Durban is very hot but we didn’t think much about it until we were out shopping for a car and saw that our makeup was running off our faces, LOL It was hilarious and we couldn’t do anything about it. Wiping sweat when it’s hot takes the makeup off and patting it with tissues just leaves white residue that doesn’t look sexy. But Durban is a place I love travelling to when I travel South Africa.

I have another awesome friend of mine her name is Asnath. Asnath and I once shared a flat and we grew very close. So close that some Decembers she would invite me to spend Christmas and New Years at her mother’s place in Limpopo and it was so enjoyable. Asnath is from Limpopo and at that time I had a boyfriend from Limpopo so  the second time I visited Limpopo I went with Asnath but I knew I’d also be able to spend time with bf because he lived around the area. Killing two birds with one stone. #FunTimes

I’ve also been to North West ( Christiana)  a couple of times with my Setswana Friends Vuyela Tshefu and Nipho Thabethe. These girls were my Destiny’s Child as we were a church singing group at the time. After travelling South Africa I realized that I wanted to see more of the world. Actually in between traveling South Africa I got the awesome opportunity to travel Africa. Some of the most interesting destinations I’ve been to are to name a few; Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi not forgetting Kenya.


After touring some of Africa I decided to see what else the world has in store so I traveled Europe. Now THAT was mind blowing. It’s amazing how different you become after travelling abroad. When I got back from Europe I was a different person, what I had been doing before I left didn’t make sense anymore. I wanted to do better, be better and achieve a lot more that what I had planned before leaving.  Traveling outside your comfort zone changes you; it forces you to live outside the box and stop with tunnel vision. It expands your brain to endless possibilities.  I fell in love, I fell out of love, I cried, I marveled, I grew and at every stop on the way, I found myself; what I was capable off and new what I should do.


All of this started with my decision to travel South Africa.

It helps to stay with people that you know when you travel South Africa but what happens when you don’t know anyone but you still want to travel? What I know works is to find accommodation on www.accommodirect.com. Accommodirect had over 10 000 listings in 2010 with great travel deals. I’ve gone on the site a couple of times looking for accommodation in Pretoria or hotels in Joburg to stay in or for projects and stuff and I have found exciting places I never knew existed.  Accommodirect  is one of South Africa’s largest accommodation portals. The company has currently 20 000 listings, 2000 user reviews of places to stay and over 2000 destinations. I love the fact that they focus on the South African market, making sure that we have the best, high quality places to stay in at affordable or premium prices.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore


We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.


Hope this has been helpful for next time you travel South Africa OR any other place in the world.

Images Provided by KAGISO MOTLHAMME @KAYGISM. Follow @Beliciousmuse on Instagram



swimwear beach bikini
swimwear beach bikini

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