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So I unintentionally decided to take a break from blogging and the break lasted for a little more than a month now (how am i even an SA Travel blogger at this point). Its unintentional because I really love blogging and wanted to travel and log (all my travel to united kingdom) in all the places that i have been to but my mind was saying NO.

For some of you guys reading this post, home is not a far away place to travel to. Your home could be a thirty minutes away, ten hours’ drive or a one hour flight. My home on the other hand, or a place I call home is where my mother is and she is currently in the United Kingdom, Great Britain. So… it had been at least a little over two years since I had seen her or rather since I had traveled there.

The UK is  plus / minus a thirteen hour trip if you flying directly and then possibly a twenty hour plus trip if you are connecting. Before embarking on this over travel road trip, I had this great idea of vlogging my entire trip. I was going to keep the camera running and show you guys everywhere I would go. But… it didn’t happen that way. On my last day in Pretoria, I was running up and down with lots of last minute stuff to do. Had to make sure I did my tax returns, got some stuff for my mom that I previous hadn’t had the time to buy plus get a pair of black Converse for the trip. All of this took time and I had to be at the Airport by Seven PM.

I flew Emirates and as soon as the plane took off heading for Dubai (for my connecting flight), and we all got comfortable, this cute sa travel blogger dozed off. And my Travel Log lost. When I got to Dubai International Airport I had plus minus an hour before boarding my next flight so I couldn’t really log anything there. Plus… with such long flights, freshening up and a change of clothes is key. I finally landed at Heathrow Airport a couple of hours later after having watched at least three movies on board. The food on both my journeys wasn’t half bad.

When I got to the Airport, my beautiful mother was waiting for me with my young sister’s man. It Was really cool seeing them, especially my mom, after such a very long time. When we got to her place, we celebrated a much needed reunion and we ate and finally, after seeing and greeting everybody, went to bed.

Travel log 2.0. I spent most of my days sleeping, a tleast for the first week. It was pure bliss, especially being with immediate family. Every day I would wake up and think yep.. today is the day I start my travel vlog but, I realized that something’s are meant to be enjoyed in private and when I had accepted that, I was able to continue enjoying and living my best life without documenting it… one morning, all that changed, I found a reason to blog.

And that reason was SNOW. Thenji rushed in one morning and begged me to look outside. Listen, in between the sun setting at 3 pm and practically sleeping on a warm electric blanket all night, I opened the window and there is it was. SNOW!! I have seen snow fall countless times in movies, series and even sitcoms but NEVER in my life. The snow became a reason to blog so ladies and gentlemen… I present to you the first travel log of the year and the very first post of 2018. Enjoy this year and may it be kind to you. Last year was kind to me and this year will be kinder, just believe it will happen and work towards it and you will be ok.

The snow was so pretty and so fresh, I was mesmerized. But, those that live in Europe or any parts 0f the world where it snows, snow is not new to them but to me, an African child of my mother, born under the piercing hot African sky, seeing snow for the first time was life changing and a pleasure to witness.

SA travel blogger signing off: xoxo

Outfit of the day

Leather Jacket: ZARA BASIC get a similar one here

Jumper top: MONCLER

Leggings: PUMA (Get them HERE)

Shoes: Converse All Stars



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