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Reminiscing on my Last Night in Leicester with these beautiful people: Leicester Night life is no too bad!

But before that, lets talk about my niece. I knew I would fall in love with her the moment she took her first breath because she is my sisters baby and I love me some Thenji 🙂 . Going to the UK was not just for holiday, leisure and rest, one of the most important reasons I went there was to finally meet my niece. You see, having family scattered all over the world is not as fun as some make it out to be. Like in this particular case, I had to wait until my visa was approved for me to see my niece. Now, that’s messed up because, if Thenji lived around the corner or anywhere in South Africa, I would have been there on the day of delivery. Amen.

So it was no surprise to me when my heart filled with warmth and gladness when I finally laid eyes on her. Don’t get me wrong, I was there when she gave birth; There is Skype, honey there is even Whatsapp Video call but actually touching her, took a little over a year.

My most memorable moment with Malica, my niece was when we would take her to HIG CROSS mall in Leicester and she would refuse to sit in her push chair and when we took her out of the pram, the girl made us run marathons, running everywhere, touching everything in shops and talking to everyone in her cute none understandable language, wearing her adorable pink jumpsuit, looking like a cupcake. Lol another interesting moment was when I changed her nappy and how calm she would get when she realized she was getting a fresh pair of underwear lol.

Ok enough about my niece. These images are of my last night in Leicester and experiencing the best Leicester Night life and boy did we have fun. My gorgeous mom had decided to take me out on a date, me and my sister and her man and their child, aka my niece. We went to a buffet in Leicester called Feast India and we ate to our hearts content.

Where to eat in Leicester and Leicester Night life.

While with family I realized how much I missed them and how important reconnecting is. Your family, your real close family will never leave you stranded and will never turn their backs against you. So if I call you my family, we are bonded for life.

Anyway…That’s all I have for you guys for the UK trip. Enjoy




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