When Beliciousmuse  was first established it was a bit difficult  for me to find websites or SA fashion bloggers that I could relate to as an Urban African

What I would see when I googled African or South African fashion blogs was a divide. This bothered me because we live in a very diverse country but to still have a divide on what is considered a good blog based on color is insane.

Some of the biggest publications in  South Africa, when they name their bloggers of the year or the best fashion and lifestyle blogs of 2015 or 2016 or the must see or must visit Instagram accounts, they don’t  include diversity.

I know Fashion websites are not supposed to be nominated or named or mentioned just because they are diverse but because of quality but publications should spend more time looking for fashion blogs that might not necessarily be main stream but are extremely good.

Some SA FASHION BLOGGERS are recognized because they are loved by the masses, some are recognized because they are pushed by a magazine or news  paper and we should not hate when a blog is not mentioned or recognized, some of these blogs just have awesome PR Managers.

The current Oscars nominees issue is a huge issue in America right now but at one point I was  like, why are Americans making their problems ours. But their problems are OURS TOO!!! Platforms that are  considered inclusive of all races now start acting Brand New and only include specific races not representative of the population and this should bother us all.  This is not  a result of  less quality,  its because massive publications don’t consider a diverse group when listing blogs and if they don’t mention a blog because its too white or its too black, you will never know about it.

That being said, we have compiled a list of South African fashion bloggers that we think are awesome, are a diverse group, extremely talented and they deserve to be recognized as brilliant and worthy of the 5 min on their pages, everyday.


Thiti is a brilliant woman but what really caught our attention is the blog post she wrote on the 28th of December 2015 about what she learnt  in 2015.

  ‘Given that I’m afraid of dying on a roller-coaster you can only imagine how my year has been. A lot changed in my personal life, which resulted in me making some terrible decisions and letting in people into my life that were disruptive. At some stage, the mistakes I made had me looking in the mirror at someone I didn’t recognize, but now I know, as my sister once said to me that “people make mistakes, but people aren’t their mistakes.”

I mean, who admits to having made a terrible choice? It takes a lot of humility to admit to making a mistake but we are all human and sometimes we just need to be reminded that others are just as human as we are. She will blow you away with her calm and open spirit.  Read more HERE



Is an SA Fashion Blog by Nadia. The FAshion BLOG dedicated to sharing unique and new ways of pulling outfits together, this blog showcases Nadias  journey in life and fashion. We especially love the pastal theme throughtout her blog, visually stimulating with great quality imagery. She inspires her readers by  being a happy person and motivating them to keep a positive mind ‘even when something shitty happens’.  She concludes by stating that  ‘one should  surround oneself with those who support your visions and goals and should  let go of those who do nothing but cast a shadow on ones light.

Read more HERE



Melody is radical and what  a free spirit. She never stays with one look for too long and is constantly changing things up. Love her.

We love her keen fashion sense, her great body, charisma and awsome accessories. Her blog is simply visually stimulating, her fashion sense is envious and her looks are  dangerously enticing . We can say alot about Melody but we would not be doing her any justice. Just read more about her and her Blog HERE.



Brett is the Fashion Entreprenuer –  in the heart of SA Fashion bloggers

Fashion by Brett Robson was started in 2010 when she found herself unemployed. 5 years later, Fashion by Brett Robson has worked with many brands, been featured in multiple publications; and continues to grow & enrich both existing & new brand relations. She is a fashion blogger, designer & entrepreneur living in beautiful Durban. Her love affair with fashion started as a child & has grown into her biggest excitement.  She loves black, but she is not afraid of a little colour. She could never box herself into a specific ‘style’, she wears what she wants  and when she wants.

We adore Brett because she is bold and daring, and a perfect example of an independent and beautiful African woman.

Read more HERE and shop her collection HERE


My name is Carlinn and I am a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger from beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. I have a serious case of wanderlust and I love travelling the world.

I have been blogging for about 5 years and I first started when I was living on the tiny island of Malta!’

A lot of people say Bloggers  are superficial because as fashion and beauty bloggers  we constantly putting on makeup, shopping the latest trends and seem perfect on Instagram etc  but if that is what it takes to do our jobs then that is what we will do.

Carlinn is “superficial” or rather, “Superficial” is the name of her blog. But what we see is  a very humble, down to earth, captivating woman with a love for fashion and beautiful imagery. Calrinn is the girly girl and we so in-love with her love for her man and how she celebrates him. The Lawry and Carlinn are a dynamic duo and they work perfect together, we assume – on and off camera.

Carlinn captivates us with her stunning images on the beach and her never ending creativity. She doesn’t talk or write much but her images speak for themselves.

Read more HERE



Now you all know we cant write a  blog post about fashion bloggers and not include Beliciousmuse

We are inspired by all these Fashion and lifestyle blogs mentioned in this article. We wouldn’t be where we are at this moment  if its wasn’t for these  inspirational, local fashion bloggers in South Africa.

WE GET IT! It is easy to be sucked in the life of American and European fashion bloggers because they are widely known and remarkable but if you give Your local fashion bloggers a chance you might be amazed.

Beliciousmuse is a platform where you can go and be inspired, some posts are personal, some are private and some are pure fashion and a little bit of relationships. Beliciousemuse is  a story teller and this story had to be told. of the beautiful and creative fashion bloggers in SA.

Some of the most famous fashion blogger of all time include The Blonde SaladFashion ToastBisous NatashaSong of Style  and while these are famouse because they have worked hard and earned their place in the fashion hall of fame, our own fashion bloggers should not be excluded just because we based in Africa.

SA fashion blogs are on the rise; stay with it.


In April 2010, Aqeelah began Fashion Breed as her online canvas to document her creative interests and activities. She currently works as a writer and stylist, and along with her travels and outfits, this forms the content blueprint that is her online identity.

Aqeelah surprised us with this magical piece of imagery , shot in Lisbon, Portugal. We love this blog for its FOMO Qualities, as she travels around the world and makes us wish we could fit in her bag. Shes beautiful shes talented and very real.

Read More and see more HERE

Being an African and living in a diverse country,we believe that an internet search for Best Fashion Blogs in AFRICA OR South AFRICA SHOULD BE inclusive of a variety of race and talents. When you visit Fashion Sites like Elle , Vogue etc you should be able to find content you can relate to as a human being.

What we don’t like is segregation.Articles like Top ten blogs to follow should not only include a certain race and exclude amazing work of women of colour.

There are alot of blogs out there, fashion and beauty that people are looking  for inspiration from and what we see on the internet is always mainstream and not always inclusive of diverse Africans.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of our must read fashion, lifestyle and travel blogs. If you have any suggestions of blogs you think should be featured sometime in the future on our sight, leave your comments below.

Until next time.

Happy Exploring SA Fashion bloggers

Beliciousmuse Team