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TOP 5 SHAMPOOS for natural hair

Looking for the perfect hair product for your specific hair type in a world where natural is not just afro can be a headache. We have come to consider natural hair as hair that is on a black woman or a woman with a mix of blackness in her, whose hair is thick, coiled and afro textured. But, as I said in a previous post, natural is all hair that grows naturally on a human beings head.

 lol I know you already know this so relax, I’m repeating it for myself, so that it can stick in my head. I am also saying it out loud so that I can get used to the idea myself, that the term ‘natural hair’ doesn’t belong to any specific race, which is a mistake most of us make.

So, going back to the matter at hand, natural hair shampoos are many, and they all serve a different purpose. We all suffer at times from dry hair, breaking hair, stifling hair and some of our afro textured hair is relaxed hair, like mine so that’s doeble the suffering lol. So for me to use a natural hair shampoo, I need to know for who it was first designed for etc.

These top 5 shampoos that I have chosen to include in this top 5 shampoos for natural hair care. Whether its Indian hair, colored hair, afro textured hair or long straight Caucasian hair, come one come all. You can now pick and choose which one best suits you but I guarantee you one of these will do the job it’s meant to do on your head J

  1. Elvive Curl Nourishment Shampoo

The unique spiral structure of curly / Afro hair can be naturally dry and brittle making it difficult to manage and prone to breakage. L’Oréal Paris laboratories have created our 1st haircare range tailored to curly/Afro hair. In just one simple step, the Curl Nourishment Low Shampoo washes, nourishes and detangles your hair leaving perfectly defined curls that are protected against frizz and manageable throughout the day. The texture cleanses without foaming and gently dissolves impurities without stripping the hair’s natural oils. The product provides instant detangling and infinite bounce. The ultra-caring low sulphate shampoo, infused with Amla Oil* and 6 precious flower oils* envelopes each fibre. *Amla Oil Extract

  1. Dove Nourishing Natural Hair Shampoos are Perfect for
  • Nourishing damaged hair. Together with the conditioner, Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo with its Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives repairs signs of damage, so hair that’s stressed out from colouring or heat damage is healthier-looking wash after wash
  • Progressive nourishment. This shampoo gently cleanses hair, so those of us with brittle hair can use it every day. And as well as instantly repairing the appearance of surface damage, used with our conditioner it progressively nourishes at the core of each strand too. so your hair gets visibly healthier, stronger and beautiful, wash after wash – making it a great addition to your daily routine
  • Reducing breakages. Use this strengthening shampoo with your conditioner and help to reinforce your hair against breakages and fight split ends that can be caused by your daily routine
  1. Shampoos for natural hair: Palmers Coconut oil

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula products contain ethically and sustainably sourced Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoi, infused with Tiare flower petals. These raw, natural ingredients deeply hydrate, repair damage and give hair incredible shine. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Shampoo is a rich, creamy shampoo, free of sulfates and harsh detergents that gently cleanses and removes buildup without stripping hair or interrupting its delicate moisture balance.

Coconut Oil (Coco’s Nucifera) Deeply Moisturizes & Adds Shine. Monoi Oil (Gardenia Tahitensis Flower). Hydrates & Pampers Keratin Protein Strengthens & Repairs

  1. Shampoos for Natural hair: Garnier Ultimate Blends with Shea Butter and Avocado.

The signature blend with – avocado oil & shea butter is tailor-made for very dry, damaged hair. Garnier have carefully crafted this moisturizing shampoo blend with ultra-nourishing avocado oil and smoothing shea butter. Butter is African karite free, to manage very dry hair and protect it from breakage. Garnier’ s rich non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into the hair, without weighing it down. A deeply nourishing remedy: it softens the hair and instantly detangles to help with styling

  1. Last but not least, Tresemme BoTanique.

Daily hair styling and product build-up can take its toll on all hair types. The TRESemmé Botanique natural hair shampoos collection is made up of three different systems to help you tailor the perfect package to get your hair back into balance. TRESemmé Nourish & Replenish system is ideal for dehydrated, frizzy hair in need of a moisture boost, while the TRESemmé Damage Recovery system is there for hair that’s been through a lot.

Enriched with oils and proteins, the luxurious Oil Elixir leaves hair shiny looking. Cleanse and condition with TRESemmé Detox & Restore system to purify your strands of any excess oil or product build-up, giving you weightless hair that’s full of movement.

Make sure you make a good and well informed choice next time you buying shampoos for natural hair


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shampoos for natural hair
shampoos for natural afro hair

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