top 10 lion king the gift

Top 10 Lion King the Gift Album Review

Top 10 Lion King the Gift Beyonce Album Review

WATER: Salatiel, Pharrell Williams, Beyoncé.

Top 10 Lion King the Gift best song is Water. Water is simply one of the best songs on The Lion King the Gift Album. Pharrell Williams sings the HOOK and he sounds fire. But what else do we expect from Pharell Williams? Perfection, Duurrrhhh. The beat in Water is charming and exotic and charismatic. WATER is a love song, typical of most Afro Beats track. The ad lips on Beyoncé the Lion King the gift, Water are hectic. The back-ground vocals are symbolic of a ritual. Songs we Africans play at gatherings, weddings, celebrations.

Afro Beats? Yep, Water is an Afro Beats track and thank God Beyoncé introduced us to this expressive artist Salatiel. Some of these artists we would never have known them if it wasn’t for Beyonce. Collaborations are important!

Salatiel’s voice on this track is charming. At some points during the song he sounds as if he and Beyoncé are singing a duet facing one another. And maybe that’s what is so attractive about him and his voice. And it doesn’t hurt that he looks awesome too. Check him out on Instagram HERE.

2. ALREADY: Beyoncé, Shatta Wale, Major Lazer

If it was up to me, I would have named this song KING. King is the word you hear a lot, second to ALREADY. Shatta Wale sounds incredible on this song and very much himself. ALREADY,
before or by now or the time in question, you ARE ALREADY AMAZING! You are Already Great so continue being Great and never forget who you are.

‘King Already, Already you know it‘. It’s an encouragement to being yourself but remembering that you are already great, so continue. Already is a typical Afro Beats track that doesn’t just rely on a beat to carry it. The Lyrics make you remember the song. Already is a song that is memorable. Shatta Wale sounds ethnic and proves that he can hold his own standing and singing next to Beyoncé the great. ALREADY IS A JAM. This is Beyonce’s greatest attempt at sounding African.

3. Top 10 Lion King the Gift : FIND YOUR WAY BACK:

Niniola should have featured on this song. The song opens with beautiful drum lines. Sounds similar to Niniola BANA but also more like MARADONA!!! Please listen to these two songs when you find time. I can almost SWEAR the beat was sampled by the same producer that produced Niniola Maradona or at least its produced by the same person. Find your way back is a jam!!! The only difference between Find your way back and traditional Afro Beats music is that Beyoncé is singing in an American accent. I say this because in the Lion King the gift, Beyoncé has attempted to sound a bit native. ALTHOUGH SHE CAN’T AND ABSOLUTELY doesn’t succeed in pidgin, her trying is good enough for me.

She talks a lot about her daddy which makes us think that Find you way back is an Afro beats sequel to Daddy lessons. Awesome song all in all. But Niniola SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN THIS TRACK. She would have made the track pure fire.


Don’t jealous me is a song that doesn’t feature Beyoncé at all but shines on its own. The song is sung by Tekno, Yemi Alade and Mr Easy. Mr. Easy is the same guy that brought us Supernova, Leg over, Akwaaba and the international hit POUR ME WATER. Mr EASY sings with mellow tones. If you listen to him , he sounds as if he is recording his verses siting on  a tilted couch, smoking a blunt , with his eye closed. Lol he sounds effortless.

Yemi Alade is the princess that brought us one of the biggest hits to ever come out of Africa; Johnny! Ever since then, Yemi Alade has been releasing hit after hit.

5.Top 10 Lion King the Gift : BIGGER

Bigger is a song with lyrics that sound like she is singing and writing to her children. Making them understand life from her perspective. But Beyoncé, is seen as a Queen and sometimes also seen as religious figure in many parts of the world. So, the tone she takes in Bigger is as if we are her children.

‘I’ll be the roots you will be the tree’ is a sure way of portraying the message that she is the soil on which we all are growing on or we all are going to grow from. Beyoncé has paved the path of a lot of African American singers in the World. She isn’t just a pop star she is an Icon brand and only a few Musicians have been able to transition that well from Pop Star to Icon and keep that title.

6. Top 10 Lion King the Gift : BROWN SKIN GIRL

Let’s start by stating the obvious. Wiz Kid is a genius. Brown skin girl is song about appreciating dark skin girls around the world. This song could not have come at a better time than this time. Some people, who aren’t necessarily dark brown skin might not understand. The same way a girl with large breasts might not understand why girls do breast enlargements. The same way girls with big round eyes might never understand why Asian women go out of their way to have bigger rounder eyes.

Media, social media creates unrealistic expectations of how women should look. So brown skin girl is a song that honors brown skin girls all over the world. Its important for such messages of dark skin appreciation to come from dark skin men or men that understand the discrimination of being dark skin but still choosing to love dark skin girls.

Its also important for such messages to come from a leader in Self love and appreciation LIKE Beyonce. The song is called Brown skin because brown comes in different shades. This song is so important and much needed and it doesn’t hurt that the song has a laid back and chilled afro-beat.

7.Top 10 Lion King the Gift : SPIRIT

The introduction to Spirit is chilling. And the visuals of the song so harmonious with the track. Spirit is a distinctive Lion King Theme song. As i’m writing this, i’m listening to the track and its blood curdling. In a nut shell, Spirit is a motivational song. Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. Positivity, confidence, and persistence are key in life, so never give up on yourself. There is no substitute for hard work. I will keep smiling, be positive and never give up!Never give up, and be confident in what you do.

In terms of Vocals, Beyonce reminds us of her vocal ability as she transitions from high notes to falseto to altos and does a great job and combining all of it together to produce the beautiful sounds we hear in SPIRIT

8. MOOD 4 EVA: Jay-Z, Childish Gambino, Oumou Sangaré

Mood forever sounds like a traditional Beyoncé featuring Jay Z track. The two artists are flossing, appreciating each other. ‘Time to break it down’ is a lyric that Beyoncé sings towards the end of MOOD 4 EVA. On this part of the song I imagine Dejavu. Towards the end of the Dejavu Video, Beyoncé is seen dancing on the sand.

In MOOD 4 EVA I imagine Beyoncé dancing around an open fire, still by the beach, in the evening, while the sun is setting, with all her dancers. The song can be included in the afro-beats genre only because it has subtle chimes, heard in a native tongue.

9. Top 10 Lion King the Gift : MY POWER

Tierra Whack, Beyoncé, Moonchild Sanelly – MY POWER (Official Audio) ft. Nija. My power is a  song that features only Women but the woman that sounds the most powerful on this specific song is Busiswa. What makes her verse powerful is hearing and understanding IT in isiZulu.

Here are Busiswa’s Lyrics

[Verse 3: Busiswa]
Vumani Bo (Siyavuma!)
Selingenile ikumkani
Ningangabazi amandla am
Ngizogobisa abanenkani
Thulani Bo (Seng’hleli)
Selivukile idimoni lami
Nibabuzile abaziyo ngami
There will be niks when I’m done

Jongani Bo (Siyabona)
Ndim’ ne-Skeem Sami
Sizilethile izikhali
Amagwali awahlangani
Hlalani Bo (Ibamb’umthetho)
Niyayibona inkinga lento
Sizoyilungisa, themba mina
Qoqa amaqhawe soyiqeda manje

10. Tiwa Savage: Keys to the Kingdom

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