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Love is understanding and accepting a person wholeheartedly with all their imperfections and flaws but, I’ve come to realise that that kind of love can only come naturally. That kind of love can’t be manufactured and feelings called into action…when you love someone you just do…you don’t need a reason, it just happens.
When you meet someone for the first time … as a girl you always know… from the way they speak to you, the way they look, the way they smell and the way they treat you. It’s not rocket science, maybe A chemical reaction.

If a girl likes you it’s not hard to see but most guys don’t wanna see…they want to “work hard” for her love because people have told them that “you can only appreciate something you’ve worked hard for” and because of that reason, girls will always pull back until a time when they sure that showing their emotions will be appreciated.

Love is simple… we complicate things.

Love is calling him and he picks up. Calling him at what ever time and he still picks up.  And when he can’t pick up, he calls back when he can. The point is… when someone loves you … they priorities you.

Love is spending time together.  Time in terms of calls, physical presence etc is important for getting to know one another. You can’t say you love someone when you’ve never seen them angry, pissed or annoyed, so you like only the good parts about them? No honey… and all these emotions you get to know by spending time together.

Love is understanding that people are not perfect. We all fighting our own battles and we shouldn’t be judged for being human and having lived life. Some people find us looking beautiful on the outside but internally bleeding.  The fact that I’ve decided to go on a date with you shows that I’m trying and will not let my internal healing wounds affect my future happiness… give someone a break, acknowledge their efforts and meet them half way.

Love is knowing a persons love language and learning to speak in that language.  I like gifts… I just do… but they don’t have to be extravagant or expensive.
Girl:  “You coming to visit with no gifts”?
Boy: Yes… why?
Girl: “No… just asking”.
Boy: Babe, I don’t think I can afford that right now
Girl: “I also love lolly pops”
Boy: ?

It’s the thought that counts. .. EVERYTIME. because i know you thought of me… and the “gift” is the “evidence” of the thought.
Not all women are gold diggers but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get spoilt.

On that note: others love time spent together over money or material things, others love hugs and affection over conversations. Others can live in silence as long as you show your love with actions,  others are satisfied with just hearing words… some people are like that you know, get turned on by sexy, love poetry or the sound of a man’s deep voice. Some are ok if he has nothing as long as he looks like a Greek God or Shake Zulu with his never ending 8 pack #sigh ☺

Being inLove is providing what’s needed before expressed because you know each other so well. I.e she’s been working overtime at work, love is knowing her off days and booking her at a spa. She’s tired from running around the house chasing toddlers, Love is taking those kids to the grannies for a weekend and allowing her to sleep in the entire weekend. Love is breakfast in bed, all day.

Love is helping her with her hair, love is assisting with her business,  love is thinking before speaking in anger, love is doing what she likes even if you don’t understand it, love is compromise, love is being grateful and expressing it.

Love is going to a soccer match, love is playing fifa on Weekends, love is looking awsome, love is respecting him and valuing his opinions and values, love is understanding when he wants to be silent, being inlove is cooking even when you don’t feel like it.

Love is patient,love is kind but it can’t be manufactured. Find the person you don’t have to too try hard to impress. Find the person whos demons dance with your own.
Find the ying to the yang.
Find the missing piece to the puzzle and when you’ve found it, let not your love be separated by foolishness. Be smart, treasure your love.

Happy Love Month

The perfect get away… and all I wanna do is work, take pictures. Love is hiding the camera. ???




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