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little black dress is a black evening or cocktail dress, cut simply and often quite short. This dress from Rage makes the cut because it has all the characteristic of the perfect little black dress with a touch of creativity.  The Little black dress originated in the 1920s designed by Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. It was intended to be long-lasting, versatile, affordable, and accessible to the widest market possible and in a neutral colour.  The Little black dress is supposed to be little but this one is a bit of an oxymoron, its little and long at the same time.

The “little black dress” is considered essential to a complete wardrobe by many women and fashion observers, who believe it a “rule of fashion” that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

I had so many things to do on this particular day which included a business meeting with Siyabonga and immediately after that, a dinner date. It didn’t make sense to go back home and change as the business meeting and date was around the same venue so, I decided to wear the evening outfit for both events.

This little black dress is not as little, as you can see with the elongated lace which makes this outfit very comfortable to walk in but, not without hiccups outside of my control. And all I’ll say about the hiccups is that ‘boys will be boys’ LOL.

I recommend every woman to have a couple of these, little black dresses, for every occasion, in different textures and designs. Because it is meant to be a staple of the wardrobe for a number of years, the style of the little black dress ideally should be as simple as possible. A short black dress that is too clearly part of a trend would not qualify because it would soon appear dated, making this one perfect. It’s comfortable, it’s simple and it’s gorgeous


Dress: RAGE

Photography: Siyabonga Mfuphi


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  1. Jonah says:

    Wow! chomie . U know how to dress hey!

    1. Thanks Chom Chom 🙂 @Jonah

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