rage green jumpsuit


This is what girls have always wanted. GREEN JUMPSUIT 

It was a Sunday, people were coming back from church but, we saw this beautiful green and red wall we thought would look perfect with the jumpsuit. We looked at each other then with excitement said,  Let’s take a few pictures?! And then and there, impromptu.

An interesting fact, if you can tell by the surroundings: the place we took these images at was filled with people and from Siyabongas side of the camera a lot of stares, whistles and more stares.

The cat suit was open in front, as you can see by the presence of a button that gives one freedom to either open it or close it. We later decided to close it as I was getting a bit uncomfortable with it open and everyone just gawking. I know it’s just people but we played it safe for two reasons: it was a Sunday so this is for all of you guys who go to church(read between the lines)  and I wanted to arrive safely at home.

I had fun wearing this onezie!!! It’s the first time wearing one with non stretch fabric. Quick tip – It can look loose if you take a size a little bigger or it can fit snuggly if you take your size.  Lol we can all see what size I took #DontJudge. #WeGottaFlossOnceInaWhile.

The perfect jumpsuit|!!! Its sexy, leaves room to be creative with a button on top to either wear it open and give the boobies some air but, still keeping them covered. It’s the perfect shade of power, Military green commanding respect and it’s tight! If that’s what you like!!! Aaannnndddd it’s from RAGE!!! So hurry up and get yourself one so you can look fashionably awesome with a pair of heels to an event – Before they go out of stock.


Outfit of the day

Jumsuit/ Catsuit, Onezie:RAGE SHOES

Shoes: TRUFFLE- Leather Look Cut Out Lace Up Stiletto

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