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In just a little over  7 days, “Hello” has crossed 200 million views on YouTube, “a milestone it takes most major music videos months to achieve,”
according to a statement from YouTube. “Hello” reached the 100 million mark faster than any other song in 2015. In fact, it reached the 100 million mark faster than every other video in history with one exception — Psy’s “Gentleman,” which reached 100 million YouTube views in just four days in 2013.

As for its parent album, 25 is estimated to sell 1 million in its first week after dropping Nov. 20. 2015. As detailed in Billboard’s current issue, industry projections put first-week sales for 25 anywhere between 1.3 million and 1.8 million, which means she’ll likely beat Taylor Swift’s 1.29 million first-week sales for 1989 last year. Additionally, Adele could take the crown for biggest debut week for a female in the Nielsen era (1991-present) — currently, Britney Spears’ Oops!…I Did It Again holds that record with 1.32 million sold in May 2000.

But what makes this ADELE HELLO record so amazing?

First time I heard ‘Hello’ I sat in a deep trance, listened and watched a love story between two people unfold from Adele’s point of view. I was then reminded of all the pain id gone through and how he didn’t even stop or look back to say sorry. You hurt someone and you just turn around and walk away, leaving that person with a wound that  they have to attend to themselves even thou they never caused the pain.

Would you shed a tear if you had a memory of trying to call someone you loved but all he/ she would do was ignore you? Well maybe, if you haven’t gotten over them.

(They say time is supposed to heal ya( in ADELE HELLO) , but I haven’t done much healing)

Or maybe you have gotten over him/her but, the pain runs too deep.

‘Hello’ reminds us of the things we chose to forget or those we have already pushed to the back of our minds because if we didn’t we would’t be able to enjoy the current relationship or be open minded enough to get into a new one. But listening to that song brings a certain level of acceptance of vulnerability. It’s ok to cry its ok to hurt and it’s ok to not be strong

Adele’s hello is such a smashing hit because from all the music  we have been hearing during the past few months, nothing has hit home like ‘Hello’.  Pop music talks about superficial things and fake relationships involving money, power and pride which is just the tip of the iceberg of our souls. We are human beings, we are not always strong or always confident and so Hello reminds us that we can be vulnerable and weak and feeling those feelings is not something to be embarrassed about. Acknowledging weakness is a sign of strength and humanity. ‘Hello’ calls us back to earth and refreshes our memory on the fact that we are a loving, feeling species.


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