5 Most Heartbreaking moments from the Walking dead Season 7 Premier.

The last Episode of the Walking dead Season six saw Negan pick and choose the person that was going to die as a result of the defiance from Rick’s team. And as a man of his word, Negan picked a person but no one new whom Negan had chosen to die. All we heard was a loud thud and sounds of a head being brutally bashed. The suspense of whom Negan chose to kill, took a while. It’s been almost a year now but I’m glad the suspense is over.

When season seven of the walking dead premiered, excitement as well as anxiety incarcerated us.  None of the walking dead characters was worth losing but we wanted to know who had been let go.


  1. The red head, Abraham was the first to take the chop. He did however to say some words of defiance before meeting is death. The horrific scene was only shows 20 minutes into THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 7. So the suspense was unbearable. Someone had to go, and Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) was that character. We see a shell-shocked Rick (Andrew Lincoln) recollect the scene from the season 6 finale and we see Negan bash Abraham’s brains in, his friends powerless to stop. “Suck my nuts,” the character says, remaining typically Abraham ’til the end. Taking a small break to laugh at his victim’s final words, Negan proceeds to continue bashing away at his head.
  2. Just when we thought only one person had died in The walking dead season 7 premier, Negan makes Rosita stare at Abrahams none moving corps and forces her to take a damn look. This action causes (Norman Reedus) Daryl to jump up in outrage and hit Negan in the face. Negan spoofs and says, THAT IS A NON NO, THAT’S DOESN’T FLY HERE! And says , I need you to know me then he turns his attention to  (Steven Yeun’s) Glenn Rhee ,”So – back to it,” he exclaims before raining down on him in front of his horrified wife, Maggie (Lauren Cohan). “What, are you still there?’ he depravedly taunts a dying Glenn. “I just popped your skull so hard your eyeball just popped out!” The nine others watch on as Negan murders him, just after poor Glenn attempts his final words: “Maggie, I’ll find you.”  Glenn Rhee dies exactly how the comics portrayed his death to   Glenn died on TV just as he does in the comic book, right down to the final image of his dislodged eye twitching in a pile of bone and meat.
  3. Negan, in the walking dead season 7 premier is still not convinced Rick yet understood he was no longer in charge even after Negan had killed two of his people. He then  draws a line on Carl’s arm and gives Rick three seconds to cut his own sons hand off. And if he doesn’t do it, Negan would kill everyone else. Rick knows that Negan Is a man of his word so Rick starts crying and screaming in agony as he lifts up the axe to cut off his sons hand. He doesn’t want to do it and looks at is son with a horrific and scared look on his face. The tear jerker is when the son sadly says… Dad, just do it and closes his eyes waiting for his hand to be cut off. The only thing more disturbing than seeing a spluttering Rick begging Negan to stop is the very fact he’s one second away from doing it – right before Negan intervenes: “That is the look I wanted to see.” Mission accomplished, full submission from the leader of the pack. Rick


4. Now to make sure that everyone understands that rick is no longer in charge and that they shouldn’t try anything stupid, Negan KIDNAPS Drayl for insurance. This is going to make the group’s revenge a hard prospect. Negan threatens the group that if they dont obeyed, Rick will be forced to mutilate his one-time right-hand man until the Saviors get what they want. “Welcome to a brand new beginning, you sorry shits,” Negan says. as his group disperses leaving behind two corpses and eight quivering wrecks.

5. Maggie, who is pregnant with Glenn’s child, was the first to rise from her knees after Negan and the Saviors departed, and she was immediately determined to avenge his death. After seeing how easily it was for Negan to kill two of their members, if I was in their shoes, I wouldn’t try anything, I would stay down. But Maggie was Glenn’s wife and of course she wants to avenge his death. But, at what cost? At this time, psychologically, Maggie might not have any will to live and the fact that she is still thinking about ‘avenging his death’, makes me think that she doesn’t mind going on a suicide mission as there in now nothing to live for.  But Rick doesn’t encourage Maggie.  Rick, for the first time in the show’s history, is beaten, and he knows it. Negan has an army at his disposal and he’s holding Daryl captive, but it’s not the practical details that keep Rick from rising to Maggie’s challenge. He’s held to the idea of himself as a guardian since the beginning, but that’s been taken away from him, and without it, there’s nothing left to grab onto.


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