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‘We came up with the concept after noticing that there wasn’t a scene for creatives in Pretoria to gather and share ideas,” says Maitele Wawe, one of the co-founders of the SOCIAL MARKET and part of a collective known as ‘Fashion Rebels’.
“We saw a demand for a space in Pretoria where people with the same artistic, creative mindset could meet up and enjoy good music and company while being themselves.” While the social market is a melting pot of fashion and culture, Wawe stresses that everybody is welcome. “It’s about the vibe, more than anything.”
Established last year on the 7th of September, the Social Market aims to create a social economy in Pretoria.
Set in a laid back urban setting, the social market boasts both hip hop and house dancefloors. The market is made up of a number of clothing booths and a few gourmet fast food stalls. Young business people can book a stall for art, clothing and food respectively. It also offers young musicians a platform to perform for the assorted crowd attending the market. The fashion looks like something out of an awesome post apocalyptic science fiction movie… READ MORE HERE

This is a short video of what what went down at the social Market in Pretoria while celebrating their 1 year.
Enjoy… Actually, the short video is currently not available because we lost the footage. The joys of having a fashion blog and not saving what needs to be saved and kept sacred online. These physical gadgets for storing and keeping memories are some what unreliable. But that is a story for another day on a different occasion. Keep updated for more posts.

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