Imagine my excitement when I walked into Edgars in a stylish, fashionable, clothing filled, UP market mall, far away from Pretoria, Johannesburg to be exact and found MATTE written on REVLONS new Liquid Lip-glosses. I was so elated that for a while I lost track of what we had come to do there. We were on a hunt for a perfume but when we stumbled on these HD lip colors, at that moment, everything else for me, seemed not to matter.

I, at once wanted to try them on as they had a couple of colors available similar to the ones MAC COSMETICS had run out of stock of prior. They had this beautiful gorgeous purple pink, the one and only deep red plus, other colors that didn’t much interest me.

I tried the first red hoping to see the same effect MAC Cosmetics MATTE lip colors gave me but, to my disappointment, the lip colors were not mattifying, or rather, were not mattifying well. I tried on a couple more colors then decided to stick to a red and wear it around the mall and see if it will eventually dry up. LOL nope… it never did. The lip color remained a big glossy, my lips were a bit shiny, fuller, yes, but shiny, which I didn’t like at all,  I felt like Revlon had lied to me.

My recommendations

If you looking for a liquid lipstick that mattifies completely then Revlon ULTRA HD Lip colors are not the one, try next door. But if you looking for a beautiful, High Definition lip color to plump up your lips then try Revlon. The Revlon Lip colors or ‘MATTE’ lip colors are easy to apply, smell like candy chocolate and look great. Mattify… hhhhmmm… not as much as other products I’ve seen or used in the past. My honest opinion, the word ‘MATTE’ should not have been used on the packaging.

I’m wearing one of the REVLON MATTE HD Ultra lip colors, find them online using some of the links in this article.


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