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My Journey to Cape Town Table Mountain started a little over a week after landing from the United Kingdom; after Christmas I’m sure. You guys know I’m all about having fun, exploring new places etc. AKA WONDERLUST. I’ve toured South Africa in Length and I’ve visited a number of African countries but never Cape Town Travel. We drive to Durban by car, get on a bus to Bloemfontein and a fun joyride to Limpopo. I’ve driven to Nelspruit, got on a bus to Mozambique and even Swaziland. Most of these trips I do with my friends so it’s actually a very awesome and eye opening experience with great camera work and lovely memories.

Believe it or not, this was my first time in Cape Town, which makes it my very first time at Cape Town table Mountain. I had never been to Cape Town in my life. I think my dad once took us there when we were much younger but other than that, I don’t remember. So this Travel to Cape Town was my first in my adult life. Lol Telling people that I’ve been everywhere else in South Africa apart from Cape Town was really embarrassing, so now that we have ticked of Cape Town from the bucket list, let me tell you what happened when I got there.

First of all, I was late so my initial flight left me but i managed to get a flight two days later. I flew British Airways and because I’m so used to flying international airlines I was shocked to find out that British Airways domestic or domestic flights in their entirety don’t have TVs on board. But when I thought about it, it made sense; I’m usually flying more than thirteen hours internationally so naturally we have to have some form of entertainment on board these huge air crafts. Plus domestic flights are plus minus two hours in South Africa so no TV needed

Landed at Cape Town international Airport two hours after boarding and when I arrived at the house we all were staying in, we quickly left for Table Mountain.

Cape Town Table Mountain was beautiful. It’s apparently the 8th wonder of the world and so well deserved.

A few tips on what to do or expect when you arrive in Cape Town South Africa and stuff that I wish I had done or paid attention to are below but number three really threw me off. It threw me off because I went to Table Mountain with no jumper, sweater or a longer t-shirt. It became cold almost immediately after the sun set and there I was with a skimpy black body suit with maroon track pants. #Smart


  1. The weather is different in Cape Town so you will feel like you in a different country lol
  2. In December the sun set in Cape Town at around or a little after 8 PM so that was interesting to notice
  3. The weather changes very quickly, within an hour it can get very sunny, after 2 minutes it’s raining, 30 minutes after that its blazing cold so always be prepared. Carry extra clothing in case of snow or rain or below zero temperatures.
  4. Uber drivers are a bit more ‘colorful ‘in Cape Town than in Gauteng; diverse and chilled.
  5. Travel to anywhere in the world is always better when you traveling with friends.

The look and feel of Cape Town Table mountain is romantic and when you are in such a beautiful, laid back environment, your heart opens up and you become more susceptible to love and pretty things. Well, at least on my part. These Table Mountain pictures will make you fall in love, Its so Romantic. When you in a good relationship and you both are in one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa it’s easy to fall in love again and keep on falling. Well, I was with my man and his friends and their girlfriends for those wondering and no…You won’t see him now… but maybe in the future.



Body Suit: Get a similar one here from SUPERBALIST

Track pants: Get similar ones HERE

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Cotton On (Look for it here)

Table Mountain Pictures taken by my friend 🙂


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  1. Kgomotso says:

    Wow so glad you enjoyed cape Town…. You were beautiful as always.
    Love you B*

    1. Love you more honey! !! I had a blast.

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