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My friend once dated a guy that didn’t believe in
celebrating Valentines and his excuse was that buying gifts should not only happen on one day of the year adding that his religion didn’t celebrate it either. The lady understood from his point of view and decided to let it slide expecting gifts throughout the year much to her disappointment the gifts never came and they eventually broke up.

Valentine’s Day is to some a day of showing off. My present was more expensive and my teddy bear way bigger which is all good as we celebrate valentines for different reasons. To some women and a few guys this day is really special it’s a day of showing love and affection to someone that means a lot to them. While we can show love and affection on any other day of the year on this particular day love is all around us so let’s feel the love.

I personally think guys who don’t celebrate valentines even though their partners want to are being selfish. Aren’t relationships about making each other happy and its just 1 day it’s not like its valentines for the entire year?

I know a couple of women who will tell you that they don’t care much about this ‘useless’ day and its events but are the happiest when they receive a valentines phone call or a small gift or a tiny token of appreciation because in essence it’s the thought that counts.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t go all out to please your partner I’m simply saying do something and if u can’t afford it, something small will still be appreciated. Plus when she’s happy, everyone is happy.

Although Valentines is dear to a lot of women there are guys who value the day as well and some even more. So while we as women are thinking about how we will react once we get out Valentines prezzies, surprise your man as well. They might not say it and they will never ask but guys secretly like it when we give them gifts (But you know your man more than I do so do the right thing).

For those who don’t have a valentine don’t shut yourself out from the world. If you know a friend who also doesn’t have a Valentine go out with them and maybe exchange gifts. But if you know you will be completely alone on that day, plan ahead to spent time with family.

I have a few valentines inspired outfits and makeup looks I’ll be sharing with you through this month and, I’ll try not to be too cliché with the red

Happy Love Month

Love from Bea


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  1. Drea 22 says:

    Beatrice You are more than gorgeous and the outfit is minimalistic yet breathtaking.

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