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Its 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning and I’m sitting on my kitchen table writing this review. Its bright outside and rays of sunlight keep streaming through the blinds of my kitchen window. Around me its bright and colourful, and thank God for that. I would not have managed to write the Haunting of Hill House review in the dark.  The Netflix Haunting of Hill House is by far one of the best horror series Netflix has ever produced. The ten part Netflix series first captivated me as I watched the trailer for the first time.

The trailer is fascinating because you expect to see what’s on the trailer, on the series, but when you watch the series, you don’t see it in trailer order.

netflix haunting of hill house

Netflix has created some of the best and some of the most annoying horror series and movies I’ve ever seen in my life. Some are good, but others a complete waste of time.  The Haunting of hill House does not fall in any of those categories. The Netflix haunting of hill house is spectacular. It has the right amount of thrill, scares, suspense and the cinematography is beyond perfect. The Netflix Haunting of Hill House will have you sitting on the edge of your seat frightened and shocked but, the story line is so good, it will make you keep on watching.

Most horror movies are just Hell Festivals. You jump here, you shocked there but the Netflix Haunting of Hill house has it all.  There is so much suspense, these writers keep you guessing the entire ten episodes.

Some series only start concluding towards episode 8 or so. The Haunting if Hill house has exciting bends and twists the entire series. It starts making a little more sense at episode four and beyond. You almost don’t want it to end. But, when it does end, you feel satisfied and happy that the series didn’t take you for a ride by giving a very simple explanation to what you thought  had been going on.

The second last episodes will have you saying… hhhmmmm… ahaaaa, oh, that’s what was going on? etc. etc. it’s like a puzzle or a game. Towards the end of the series you realize there was so much more going on that what was implied. Its honestly a mind-blowing horror movie to series. Watch the trailer HERE. When you find time, dedicate a weekend with friends to watch this amazing, well thought out, gem of horrific visuals and awesome story line




netflix haunting of hill house

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