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The girl in the pink velvet dress outfit.

When I saw this Pink Velvet Dress on the rack, I was immediately drawn to its colour and obvious lace detailing around the middle. The Pink velvet dress looked like it would sit nicely on me and my curves. So, I gathered it, together with the other fashion items I was trying on that day and dashed off to the fitting rooms. When I tried to put the dress on from below, it got stuck on my hips. So I tried wearing it from the top. Luckily the dress stretches, so it stretched over the boobies and finally settled in the middle. Now there was the job of getting the lower part of the dress, that was currently on my waistline, to my knees. When I was done with fitting this pink velvet dress, I was over it. I paid for the dress and moved on with my life.

A lot of fashion items look great on the body but are a mission to wear. That doesn’t stop me from buying them thou. With my body shape, I’ve come to accept that this is life. I’m sure, some of you jeans loving females will agree with me. The jeans look great but are a mission getting them over the buttocks, which can be very annoying.

Most velvet clothes are easy to get into because the fabric is created to stretch. Imagine if everything was like boyfriend jeans? Lol us Africans would chill in our loose and airy traditional attires all the time because our African bodies are just deeply unique. Not one body is the same and that’s why having designers that understand that, is so important. Cheers to all designers that understand that to cater to an African market most of the fabrics must be stretchy. If it’s not stretch, then its custom made to suit the body.

If you are looking for something feminine, a pink Velvet dress is a good option.

My favorite place to shop for flattering dresses online is SUPERBALIST. You will find very pretty and cute pink velvets there.  But if you still not satisfied, try these 3 online shops.

  1. ROSEGAL here
  2. ZANDO
  3. Elite Occasions.













Pictures taken by Linda Mudika


Wearing a tight velvet dress can be unforgiving in exposing your cellulite so wearing a good pair of spanks can go a long way in making you look and feel perfect.


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