light blue jersey dress by blunt moya


Light Blue Jersey Dress by Blunt Moya

The female body is one of Gods greatest and most creative creations with lumps,  bumps and curves in all the right places. The female body can and will look good in almost anything and by anything, lets add the topic of today’s post. The Light blue jersey dress. 

Unlike men, women were designed using human tissue, men on the other hand where created directly from the ground.( Lol guys don’t attack me, #NoShade, Read your bibles). Why God used ribs? Well.. Although all bones can repair themselves,ribs can regenerate themselves!!!  Just goes to show the delicacy at which God created us was INSANE and this is a little reminded of how special and totally unique we are.

Women can wear whatever they want

Some cultures don’t necessarily see women in the way God created them. They try to cover them up and ‘store’ them away. That’s why I can say I’m glad I live in a society that allows women to be women but its unfortunate that that’s not the case across the board, some cultures have tons of limitations.  We can’t do this, we can’t show that, we can’t wear this and we can’t go there. All because someone couldn’t ‘handle himself’ and decided we should always cover up so that he would not be lead to temptation. LOL. People should stop blaming other people for their lack of self-control

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it, when a man wants to undress you and see your goodies, he doesn’t need to use his hands. Full Stop. You only have one life, live it to the fullest, live it to the max, live it cautiously if you like, but LIVE.

Blunt Moya took the images for the Light Blue Jersey dress

Blunt Moya is one of the most talented photographers i know. That being said, he takes a lot of raw images. He likes to capture the female form in all its glory. NO EDITS. So, why that is Blunts way of doing things and i absolutely love it, i want my images edited.

On some parts of my body i have flabby skin. On other parts of my body i have a bunch of cellulite and a whole lot of stretch marks. While i do love ALL of my body, today’s post is not about body love. It is about this very unique Light Blue jersey dress i designed. Blunt Moya was kind enough to assist with the camera work. Or rather, i assisted him with his photography. Which ever way you see it, Blunt Moya and Beliciousmuse work well together.

Dress inspired by…

These images where taken by Blunt Photography on the same day as the other Blue dress. This Beyonce Inspired dress comes standard, fitting sizes 28 to 38. These dresses where designed to accentuate women’s curves but also to celebrate them. We are flowers and flowers don’t grow in the dark, they need sunlight so let’s go play outside. While we approaching spring remember there’s a thin line between ratchet and classy but only you can draw that line. Love yourself, accept yourself and get yourself one of these.


Outfit Inspired by Beyonce

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