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I got my brows threaded for the first time EVER at the brow bar Menlyn by the Queen of Brows herself Unaiza Moideen. For those of you that might not know her, she is the Founder of The Brow Bar, a unique store that specializes in lash perming, brow extensions, threading and training.

So here I am, having been invited for a brow consult, walking in the Brow Bar Menlyn. First of all… Menlyn Mall has since transformed and it’s so much prettier, more spacious and a bit more luxurious. You must go and check it out, wear flats thou, you might be walking for a long time from any point to point B.

Our team included my friend Linda Modika, Pretoria Photographer Marx Makhado from Written digital Photography and his assistant. I’m thinking, it’s going to be an interesting day.  When we arrived Unaiza Moideen was still busy with her previous client so we waited but just a little. When she was ready to see me, I sat on one of those famous ‘brow’ chairs.

I must say, Unaiza Moideen is so friendly and light spirited, was amazing talking to her and getting to know more about the business and demand of brows, brow shaping and the Brow Bar Menlyn. So the time then came for my threading. LOL someone should have warned me, BECAUSE HALF WAY THROUGH I STARTED SCREAMING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL. Threading is not as painless as it looks but with most things about beauty, we have to suffer for it.  The pain wasn’t actually that much; I might have been a little melodramatic, in retrospect.  After a few more strokes I couldn’t feel it anymore. I then collected myself like the big girl that I am and enjoyed the rest of the threading while Marks Makhado took some pictures for you guys.

The brow bar Menlyn is the best place to get your eye brows done if you live in Pretoria. But if you are not a Pretorian, don’t stress, there is a Brow Bar at Clearwater mall and mall of the South, so pick and choose.

I learned a lot from The Brow Bar Menlyn, some of my education included simple things like;

  • When you want your brows exfoliated, just get them threaded.
  • The Brow Bar is not just for ladies, men also get their brows threaded, eye lashes tinted and basically any male facial grooming offered by the Bar Brow.
  • If you want your eye lashes extended, the brow bar is the place go.
  • And, if you want permanent eye lash extensions, it’s not possible; eye lash extensions can only be temporary. But when done by the Brow bar Menlyn, they look awesome!!!
  • The Brow bar also specializes microblanding, it’s a form of brow tattooing that mimics hair like strokes. If Microblading is done correctly, it will give you those beautiful natural looking eye brows which can last for about a year or 18 months.
  • The Brow bar also does HENNA. I mean, how cool that is!! I’ve always wanted to get HENNA on my arm inspired by Rihanna’s tattoos. Now I can!!
  • Once you have gotten your brows threaded, the threading lasts for up to 4 weeks until your next session.
  • If someone has been plucking their eyebrows and the eye brows refuse to grow back the BROW BAR Menlyn has a growth serum that stimulates brow hair growth.
  • Once threaded you can fill in the brows with a brow pencil and then a blending brush so that the brows look natural.
  • Trends for next year are thicker fuller brows. The thin line brows are slowly going out of fashion.

Please share and help a sister out. Don’t slay by yourself, let’s all SLAY ALL DAY!!!

All images Marx Makhado 





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Getting my Brow Threaded by  Unaiza Moideen at the Brow Bar Menlyn

Unaiza Moideen and Beliciousmuse

Shaping  with a brow shaper where my brows should begin and end which is very important in getting the perfect brows for your specific face.

The Brow Bar Menlyn

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  1. shadi says:


    im struggling to get your contact details

    please can you please send me your contact details

  2. The standard at the brow bar Menlyn has really dropped, my eyebrows we’re botched today 17-12-2018 by one of the ladies that work there a Xhosa lady,, she was very rude, not friendly, didn’t pay attention to what she was doing,, then she botched my eyebrows and she kept on saying my eyebrows are curly,, it was not the first time that I did my eyebrows at the Menlyn branch and Mary who had done them the previous times she had done them perfectly,, the store was full of her friends us as customers had no place to sit,, I had to pay R110.00 for botched eyebrows,, never ever will I visit The Brow Bar Menlyn and non of my friends and family will ever go there again.

  3. Will never (try) to support this establishment again. Please, do not waste your hard earned money and precious time at the menlyn branch. 3 Times we tried to get my daughters brows done. Therapist were unfriendly, unhelpful en disrespectful! Today was the last time! The staff went on strike after we waited 2 hours for our appointment – disgraceful. Left 9 customers hanging. The manager tried to apologise. 2 little, 2 late!

  4. Great aRTICLE.Thanks

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