The Mac Matte Liquid Lipsticks were launched a little more than a month ago. In some places the liquid lipsticks sold out almost immediately. Some sold out a couple of hours in and some a couple of days. It’s ok for products to sell out, but what’s not ok is when products are not restocked immediately or a little while later.

The saddest part about the out of stock of these matte liquid lipsticks is that they still have testers. So what I assume they expect you to do is to put the lipstick on in the shop… but you can’t leave with your own. It sucks and its really boring. Im starting to think Mac Cosmetics South Africa doesn’t take us seriously.

Ok … Matte Liquid lipsticks have been around for almost forever but the idea of a matte liquid lipstick was foreign to me. I always thought because it’s a liquid it should be glossy and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Kylie Jenner made me fall in love with liquid lipsticks. LIPKIT BY KYLIE is to me the epitome of matte lipsticks but since we don’t have them in South Africa we have to settle for whatever products available to us.

Mac Matte Liquid Lipsticks apply very similar to LIP KIT BY KYLIE especially the TRUE Brown colour from Mac Cosmetics . And what I love most about Mac Liquid Lipsticks is the fact that they don’t transfer when you eat food or whatever… but don’t try kissing our boyfriend! Even if it transfers during kissing, the transfer is not as bad as when you have applied a normal MAC LIPSTICK.

I managed to get the purple that’s similar to HEROIN, for those of you guys familiar with mac matte lipsticks. I also managed to get the LIGHT PINK and the orange that is the same as Miley Cyrus VIVA GLAM.

I also tested the TRUE BROWN colour; it sits on the lips very well, I couldn’t get it thou because it was out of stock in all cities in South Africa and, when I say all cities I mean Gauteng and Durban; Sandton, East gate, West gate, Rosebank, Pretoria, etc. its bad guys, these lipsticks are nowhere to be found. So I’m patiently waiting for MAC to restock and hopefully keep on RE-stocking.

Lastly, I wanted to show you guys how these lipsticks sit on my brown skin tone so here it is. The orange sat well after drying up. When you first apply it, it appears too bright but tones down as it settles in. The light pink was a bit too much for my dark, African skin so I had to tone it done a bit by lining it with a purple pink lip liner. The Purple liquid lipstick was the most natural for me… blended well

When Mac COSMETICS Restocks I’m hoping to get all of the colours I want but for now we going to have to settle for this. FYI; They go for around R320.00 or R370.00 each.

Hope you enjoyed the read. If you like please share and lets be pretty together.


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