1. Dot by Marc Jacobs

Dot is a bright coloured, radiant and floral Marc Jacobs master piece that comes full circle with a balance of modernity and elegance. Its top notes consists of red berries, honey suckle with a touch of Vanilla. Perfect from floral scented perfumes.

2. Be Delicious by DKNY

When I first smelled Delicious I was perplexed. How can a fragrance smell so like apples but still be good to wear. Donna Karen is a genius for creating this fragrance as well as the packaging that comes with it. The Bottle is in the shape of an apple and so suitable of it. If you like the smell of green apples, a fruity smell and long lasting fragrance, this one is the one.

3. Versace Bright Crystal

Are you guys like me, when you pass by a fragrance shop or the Perfume section in Truworths or Edgars, on your way to work, you spray a perfume you cant immediately afford. Well, if you do that, I’m glad I’m not the only one. Versace Crystal is the ONE! The one Fragrance I have to budget years in advance to purchase. It’s ridiculously expensive but I understand why. Once I’ve sprayed it on my way to work, it lasts the whole day and people can’t seem to stop asking me what I’m wearing. It’s a burst of pure freshness, floral, aquatic, citrus and a bit woody. This is the perfect gift for a girl that has expensive taste and enjoys smelling like pink floral fruity scented perfumes.

4. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Im sure we have all, even if once in our lives, seen a Victoria Secret Fashion Show. First of all… Victoria Secret Fashion shows make us wish we had spent a little more time in the gym during winter but it’s also inspiring. The girls walk on the runway as if they have no problems or issue at home, work, with their boyfriends, husbands, kids etc. When the first model walks out, the image is of a fun and fearless female, and oh so flirty. Yes, flirty. The little pose at the end of the runway that make us cover our boyfriends eyes for fear of a Victoria Secret take over in their minds, Yep!! So the perfume Bombshell has a similar feel to it. It sprays very light, it is cheeky, it’s designed for young women and it all in all makes you feel beautiful.

5. Kim Kardashian Glam

Kim Kardashian Perfumes have become a bit too sophisticated for me. Ok, let me not hate, the minority of them, most of them are pretty good. My go to perfume by Kim is GLAM. Its main accords are white floral, tuberose, fruity and aquatic. If you looking for a soft, all day scent, then this is the one. Kim Kardashian is the epitome of luxury so having a perfume by her or a collection of perfumes by her almost puts you in the same league.

Thanks for the read and don’t forget to spread the FRUITY floral scented perfumes  love.


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